Employee Onboarding: 5 Reasons You’ll Love Your First Week at Meister

With so many awesome career opportunities at Meister, the perfect position is never more than a few clicks away. But what happens after you’ve signed on the dotted line? The Meister onboarding process is your chance to ensure your start in your new role is a productive one. Whether you’re looking forward to starting work at Meister, or simply weighing up the pros and cons of joining our team, this post tells you what you need to know about our unique onboarding program and how it can set you up for success.

Employee Onboarding: 5 Reasons You’ll Love Your First Week at Meister

As Meister’s Onboarding Coordinator, it’s my job to make sure that our all team members start their new adventures in the best possible way. If you’re reading this before starting your first day of work with us, I’m already excited to help you take your first steps in our expanding company. If you haven’t decided to join us yet… I hope this post can convince you to apply for one of our many open positions!

With the team growing so fast, I’ve worked hard with my colleagues in the People and Culture team to formalize an extensive onboarding plan. We’ve seen great results so far, which is why I’d love to explain our onboarding in more detail, as well as to give you the chance to see how you can benefit from our onboarding focus. You’ll find answers to the following:

  • What is employee onboarding?
  • What will my onboarding at Meister be like?
  • How can I apply?

What is Employee Onboarding?

Have you ever started a new job and had no idea what you’re doing? Or sat down at your new desk unsure of how to start or even who to ask? Or maybe you just don’t know where to find a certain colleague because you haven’t been shown around the office? These situations are the result of inadequate (or no) onboarding. 

Studies show that a startling 88% of organizations do not onboard their employees well.

A good onboarding plan should include a blend of introductory talks, workshops and social events that welcome new joiners. These help you settle into a company and a specific role, softening the challenges of new beginnings.

Hop On Board At Meister

The onboarding process at Meister is a week-long journey that’s designed to help you get the need-to-know information in a way that’s comfortable and productive. It includes:

  1. The Meister story, vision, values and mission. You’ll learn about our tools, security and design, meaning you’ll quickly be ready for lift-off.
  2. Time with your buddy. Your buddy is a friendly face and a first point of contact if you run into any problems, even after the onboarding week.
  3. Workshops from the commercial and technical departments at Meister.  This helps you establish a strong set of goals for your first weeks and months.
  4. An introduction to the many perks of working at Meister.

There is plenty of fun to be had too. Between sessions, you can participate in games, lunches, social events and unlimited (unjudged) visits to our well-stocked snack bar or ice cream drawer. Need some quiet time? No problem. Process all the information with a walk down Mariahilfer Straße (Vienna’s beautiful nineteenth-century shopping boulevard), or find some peace on our roof terrace.   

Did you know that at Meister, flexible core working hours are from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. so you can maintain a good work/life balance? Still not enough? Once a year, you have the chance to join our annual work retreat to an incredible location!

Five Benefits of Meister’s Onboarding Week

1. You’ll Meet Inspiring People

I thought it’d be daunting, but everybody was so friendly and welcoming that I couldn’t wait to introduce myself.  I got to know my co-workers straight away!

Miša Hennin, Meister

You’ve probably experienced the discomfort of walking into a room full of unfamiliar faces . However, during our onboarding week, you’ll form connections in a much less daunting way. In “meet your team” sessions, you’ll talk with people who love the same things as you, finding common ground easily.

Our beautiful office in the heart of Vienna has a terrace, a games room with a pool table and a chill out room with video games and board games.

Even with our team at well over 100 members, your first All Hands is a chance to see everyone in one place. This company-wide meeting is a place to learn about important updates, progress and goals for the next period. Having a knowledge of wider company goals will help you understand the purpose of your work more clearly. From day one, you’ll know exactly how you fit into what Meister is and what Meister does. 

Finally, by discussing interdepartmental cooperation, you’ll master our processes. As a result, you will gain confidence in communicating across teams. Learning individual and team responsibilities, you find out what to expect, from who. As you settle, you will quickly see that you’re valued for what you bring to the whole company, not just to your team.  

2. You Won’t Be Thrown In At The Deep End

I used the Meister Suite before applying, so I already knew how the products worked. Yet learning from the people who made them was so insightful.

David Muhr, Meister

During onboarding, you learn about our products in workshops hosted by the people who made them and know them best. Meister products are our babies. We love them and we care for them, and the more people who do, the better.

In total, you’ll have three sessions covering:

  • The product stories of MindMeister, MeisterTask and MeisterNote.
  • Account setup.
  • A step-by-step walkthrough. 

With this knowledge, you can feel confident about starting your first working week at Meister. The workshops are designed to be a strong foundation for your future work with us, so you can, and will, start on the right foot.

Proper onboarding increases productivity by 11%.

3. You’ll Have A Strong Foundation For Personal and Professional Development  

I feel that the Meister culture centers on supporting my progress, not only in relation to my work for the company, but self-development too.

Annabel Arndt, Meister

Like many IT companies, Meister has a “10% policy”. This is “on the clock” time that you can use to invest in your development through courses, private study, or simply trying new things. Being aware of this from your first days puts you in a good position to plan your personal goals and  decide how you can achieve them. You can create a clear timeline that you can refer to as your career at Meister progresses. 

At the end of your first month, you’ll have a constructive feedback session. But feedback always goes both ways: we want to hear how we’re doing and how we can make Meister a better place to work for you.  It’s a great chance for you to really drive your personal development through constructive discussion.

Want to work at Meister? Take a look at our open positions and apply today.

4. You’ll Join A Wonderful Team

Onboarding can be arbitrary, but Meister makes the experience much more hands-on: it’s very refreshing.

Neethu Thomas, Meister

58% of organizations focus their onboarding program on processes and paperwork. Research suggests that the best onboarding is one centered on people, not paper. As a result, we strive for an immersive onboarding experience. With proper preparation throughout the onboarding process, you’ll experience fewer nerves and worries than you might expect at other companies. Our team is central to this: we’re brought together by a solid work ethic and guided by consistent values: the Meister Values.

Why delve so deeply into the values at the core of our processes, communication and products? Considering them at the beginning of your Meister journey puts you on the same page as other Lobsters, creating a stronger basis for healthy future working relationships. 

Lobsters are what we affectionately call our team members. Why? Because Meisterlabs -> Labsters -> Lobsters…get it?

5. Extra Support: You Won’t Be Alone

On my second day, I met my buddy. Knowing that there was somebody who I could contact with questions or concerns was reassuring.

Patricia Bankó, Meister

When you join Meister, you’re not expected to figure everything out alone. Instead, you’re linked with someone more experienced: a buddy. This is the beginning of social connectedness in the workplace and works well on two fronts:

  • Nervous about joining a new company and starting a new job? With your buddy, you’ll be able to ask lots of questions and the answers and support you need.
  • Confident and ready to be challenged? Use the Buddy Program to get extra information about opportunities at Meister!

With the Buddy Program, you’re sure to expand your network, develop your communication skills, and improve your overall work/life experience. You’re going to do so well, and we can’t wait to be part of your journey. 

87% of respondents in a survey said that Buddy Programs boosted new hire proficiency. Despite this, only 47% of organizations include one in their onboarding.

The World Is Your Oyster 

Our Lobsters are our foundation. Without talented and inspiring team members, nothing is done and nothing is made. It pays to have happy employees: it means a successful Meister Suite and a thriving company. Equally, a company with efficient and positive processes creates the ideal environment for personal and professional growth. We hope this post has given you a good insight into just how much you can accomplish at Meister. Ultimately, our onboarding plan gives you the chance to transform from Lobster Egg to King of the Ocean. Excited? So are we. 

We’re hiring! Take a look at our current open positions and kickstart your career with Meister!