Say Hello to the Beautiful New MeisterTask for Mac

If you’re working on a Mac but haven’t downloaded MeisterTask’s desktop app yet, now is definitely the time to do it. Keeping MeisterTask in your Dock means you’ll have one less open tab to clutter up your browser window, while still keeping your project boards at hand for quick access. With our latest update, MeisterTask for Mac has gotten a new frameless window layout, giving it an even more elegant, sleek look!

Say Hello to the Beautiful New MeisterTask for Mac

MeisterTask for Mac is a native wrapper for our web app, which is accessible at As such, it lets you collaborate with your team members in real-time and notifies you immediately about new comments or other updates on the tasks you’re involved in.

Take a look at the new dashboard below. We know a beautiful design isn’t everything – but it sure makes task management a lot more fun.

MeisterTask for Mac App - Dashboard

Of course, the new Mac app has received a number of fixes and upgrades under the hood, too. Among other things, we’ve added a progress bar on the Dock icon that shows the progress of your downloads. When you open the Downloads folder, the file you’ve downloaded is now automatically selected once the download is completed. We’ve also improved support for Dropbox and Google attachments.

Most changes are subtle, but we think you’ll find that the overall user experience has become even smoother and enjoyable.

The new version of MeisterTask for Mac is now available on the Mac App Store – you can download it here!

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