The Panda Has Landed — Introducing the All-New MindMeister (Beta)

The time has come for us to give a very special update to MindMeister an extensive upgrade with a brand-new look. Introducing: Project Panda! Sneak a peek at what’s new and find out how you can take part in the public beta. 

The Panda Has Landed — Introducing the All-New MindMeister (Beta)

MindMeister is special, not just to us, but to almost 20 million users worldwide. When we launched the world’s first online collaborative mind mapping tool, little did we know that we would spark a revolution in the way individuals and teams — in businesses, schools and universities — would work together to develop their ideas. However, after literally millions of maps made and billions of ideas generated, an update was long overdue.

This leads us to our update: Project Panda. Over an extensive development process, we collected your feedback, feature requests and other wishes and combined them with our own vision for the future of digital mind mapping. The results of this journey are reflected in the revolutionary look and feel of the all-new MindMeister — Project Panda consists of dozens of important updates to the way MindMeister looks, works, and interacts with other programs. Let’s see what’s new and how you can contribute to improving the tool for everyone. 

Keep in mind that this is still a baby Panda: the beta version still needs a little work before it’s released to the wild, but with your help and honest feedback, we can turn our ambitious vision for digital mind mapping into a beautiful reality. Click here to sign up for the beta, then let us know what you think using the feedback section in the bottom right of the screen. Don’t worry if you forget something — you can leave feedback as often as you like.

What’s new in Project Panda?

Project Panda has been a massive undertaking guided by a clear vision: to make MindMeister a more attractive, intuitive place to work and study for everyone. To achieve this, we have worked extensively on the tool’s interface and feature, including a huge collection of exciting upgrades. 

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To the new editor

Redesigned Editor Experience

At Meister, we believe in creating attractive, user-friendly tools that make work fun. Part of this process is constant improvement: while the existing MindMeister was smart and intuitive, Project Panda has drilled down even further on these ideals to create our slickest, most easy-to-use tool ever.

Our drive for ultimate usability starts in the map editor, which has undergone a significant facelift for the update. We’ve removed a fair few buttons and menus to leave more space for your ideas. Most significantly, we’ve substituted the old “pop-out” styling panel for a slicker, in-line context menu bar that means you never lose focus on your ideas. Simply select a topic to open a new world. 

Learn how to navigate the all-new MindMeister with this useful guide from our help center, or check out our user guide!

What’s new?

Our new, improved editor makes MindMeister a more pleasant place to work.

  • Cleaner, clearer user experience. Fewer distractions and more space for ideas.
  • Intuitive, in-line context menu. Customize and style your topics without ever having to look away. 
  • Quick access to topic addons. The option to add images, attachments, comments, and notes is now available directly on each topic via the context menu bar.
  • Streamlined feature set. Not all of the classic MindMeister features have been implemented in the current beta version. Most will return before the final release, but our focus will always remain on your enjoyment and ease-of-use.

Stunning Styles and Themes

The existing version of MindMeister was already a place to make beautiful mind maps: now, that’s even easier. Project Panda brings MindMeister into an attractive, design-driven era by providing you with countless attractive options to get your thoughts onto the screen from the context menu bar. However, if you’d rather focus on the ideas, you can use our beautiful rainbow-themes to switch to design perfection in an instant.

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What’s new?

You can now customize your mind maps in the following ways: 

  • Customizable line widths, styles and colors. Gain total freedom over the connections between your mind maps’ topics. 
  • Attractive border options. Change the ways that individual topics are displayed to make great ideas stand out. 
  • Extensive topic personalization. With extensive options for size, style, shape, color and layout, you can add even more of your own personal flair to your mind maps.
  • Convenient markdown support. Format your text quickly and easily with standardized markdown commands. Keep those fingers on the keypad!
  • Spectacular “rainbow themes.” Looking for an epic design in a hurry? Choose from a selection of brand new themes that transform your maps into works of art in an instant. 

Find out how to get the most out of styling options with this useful guide from our help center.

Intuitive New Map Layouts 

Mind maps can hold enormous amounts of information, which makes the formatting of your map extremely important. For Project Panda, we’ve made some important changes that are designed to help you order your ideas more effectively. 

Free positioning for every topic in your mind map was the most-requested feature ever from our users, which is why that’s exactly what we’ve delivered: drag it, drop it, love it. Better still, from freely-positioned topics, you’ll also have the chance to format all child topics as mind maps, org charts, or lists.

In short, these updates make mind mapping with MindMeister more versatile, practical and suitable for the people who use it: you. 

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What’s new?

With the all-new MindMeister, you can now shape your mind map to improve overview, boost comprehension and structure information appropriately. Here’s how:

  • Free positioning for all topics. Move it! Instead of only moving around first-level topics, Project Panda empowers you to drag and drop any topic to the ideal position. Of course, automatic positioning remains an option. 
  • Multiple layouts for topics. You can now customize layouts for the child topics of freely-positioned ideas. Mind maps, org charts and lists all on the same page!
  • Change effortlessly between auto and manual layouts. Snap freely-positioned topics back into line effortlessly with the auto-layout and attach features.

Find out how to get the most out of MindMeister’s new map layouts with this useful guide from our help center.

Maximum Flexibility with Outline Mode 

People take notes differently: it’s not uncommon for even the most dedicated mind mappers to use traditional bulleted lists to take meeting minutes, jot down ideas, and more. Precisely because no single tool will be the best one to use all the time, Project Panda aims to give you the best of both worlds. 

Outline mode in the all-new MindMeister aims at unifying different note-taking styles by allowing you to switch effortlessly between them. Instead of manually converting your notes to a mind map, simply paste them into outline mode and let MindMeister do the rest. 

Time for a change? Experience a new approach to note-taking with Project Panda at

What’s new?

You can toggle between a visual mind map and linear note view at any time:

  • Paste lists to outline mode. Then, convert the linear format to an attractive mind map. H1/H2/H3 headings will be reflected in the topic hierarchy. 
  • Convert mind maps to lists. Especially useful if you’re planning a document with MindMeister, your map map will be shown as an ordered list with your topics as headings and subheadings. 

Find out how to get the most out of outline mode with this useful guide from our help center.

Improved Integration with MeisterTask

If you currently use both MindMeister and MeisterTask, you’re just one of a huge number of users who enjoy two beautiful products designed to make work fun. The idea of the integration between our mind mapping and task management tools has always been to facilitate a seamless transition between thoughts and actions. Use MindMeister to spark your creativity and work out what needs to be done, then switch to MeisterTask to transform your plans into trackable tasks following established project management methodologies. With the all-new MindMeister, that transition is smoother and more powerful than ever before.

Ready to experience a refined end-to-end workflow with MindMeister and MeisterTask? This and more in the all-new MindMeister at

What’s new?

We’ve added more granularity to our integration with MeisterTask. Instead of having to connect a map with a project, you can now configure each topic to sync to any MeisterTask project and section. That means that you can use one mind map to assign tasks to multiple projects and colleagues! 

Find out how to get the most out of the MeisterTask integration with this useful guide from our help center.

Over to You…

With so many new features, so many changes and so many MindMeister users to consider, we thought it would be best to gather the opinions of a selected group of users before we release our Panda into the wild. Here’s how you can have your say on the most important update to MindMeister…ever. 

  1. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for the public beta at
  2. Start mapping with MindMeister. If you get stuck on any of the new features, our user guide will help you on your way. 
  3. Once you’re ready, click here to let us know what you think, or use the feedback section in MindMeister itself.

We couldn’t be more excited about the all-new MindMeister and we can’t wait to see what you think. However, until the update is released in its final form, we’d be extremely grateful if you could refrain from sharing the tool publicly. We’ll let you know when it’s time to publish those teasers!

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