How to Keep Your Top Talent from Churning

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They say in growth, it’s easier to stop your already invested customers from leaving than to acquire new ones. When it comes to HR, things are no different. So, why is it that companies put more effort into searching for new hires, than focusing on developing the talent already in-house? MeisterLabs’ Technical Lead, Laura Bârlădeanu, shares what companies can do to retain top talent.

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5 Ways You Can Train Your Creative Mind

How to remain creative at work long term

We tend to think of creativity as an artistic trait, but really, it’s about having a flexible mind that can make associations beyond everyday logic and thought patterns. Whether you’re a problem solver, a brainstormer, a maker, an analyst, or some combination of the lot, embracing and nurturing your creative mind will be beneficial in the long run.

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Our First Trade Show as a SaaS Company: The Good, the Bad & the ROI

Atlassian Summit Barcelona SaaS trade show

You wouldn’t usually find SaaS companies like MeisterLabs at a trade show. We make most of our sales over the internet – through our website, via PPC campaigns, product review sites and other referrals. However, this year we decided to attend Atlassian Summit Barcelona. Michael Hollauf, shares whether it was worth the investment.

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3 Proven Strategies to Motivate Your Team

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It’s a fresh battle every day to find the motivation to get through your to do list. But motivating your team is an entirely different challenge. Understanding how people respond to different types of motivation can help us be better leaders and increase the productivity of our teams. It can just take a little experimentation to figure out which strategies work best.

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