Japanese Kanban Workflow Meets German Perfectionism with MeisterTask
A new take on the famous Kanban workflow is launching in Japan on October 17th with the release of MeisterTask, the intuitive and beautiful task management tool for teams.

Toyota first created the famous Kanban system back in the late 1940s, using ‘Kanban cards’ to prevent bottlenecking and reduce waiting times within their production processes. Fast-forward to present day and the Kanban-take on productive working has spread across the globe, enabling teams to collaborate and achieve an efficient workflow across diverse industries and millions of projects.

As a Kanban-style project management system, MeisterTask is an online tool allowing teams to manage projects and tasks by moving their to-dos through standardized project stages. Users categorize tasks or ‘Kanban cards’ to be ‘in the pipeline’, ‘in progress’ or ‘completed’, encouraging team members to focus on what needs to be finished and how to get there. With a visual overview of project progression, project managers are able to identify where bottlenecks are being created and solve these, saving companies up to 3 hours per day by returning teams to a seamless workflow. Collaboration is made simple with feedback features and sharing functions, enabling users to upload files directly from local servers, Google Docs, and Dropbox and allowing project files to be stored and edited all in one place. With a first class privacy and security rating, companies can rest assured that their documents and project work are stored safely.

Japan continues to be a leading country on the world market for mobile apps. In 2013 it was found that per capita, Japan spends 2.5 times more on app purchases than the U.S. and this figure is expected to grow as smartphone ownership rises. To match this demand, the MeisterTask Japanese launch is coupled with a new and improved mobile app: MeisterTask 2.2 for iOS. Listed as a top app by Google Chrome web store and Apple’s App Store, MeisterTask allows teams to share files, provide feedback, assign tasks and meet deadlines, all from their desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

MeisterTask is free to use with a Pro subscription available for enhanced team collaboration.

Till Vollmer, MeisterLabs Managing Director said:

“We are thrilled to be launching MeisterTask in Japan, the home of the Kanban system. We know that companies in Japan are founded on the importance of team communication so we’re excited to introduce a tool that will assist companies to enhance this collaborative team work. I look forward to seeing how companies and projects in Japan will be boosted by a tool, which was hugely inspired by the Japanese Kanban workflow, and has already helped teams across Europe and the U.S. to streamline their teamwork.”

Kume Junya, AISIC Corporation said:

"MeisterTask is, and color schemes, such as want to use every day, is a task management service that allows intuitive operation. By measuring the time tracking, you can be aware of even productivity along with the task management. Team in individual But is a great tool that can be leveraged. Upon this time Japan version will be officially released we are very pleased."

About MeisterTask

Launched in March 2015, MeisterTask is an intuitive web-based collaboration tool that ups the standard in efficient and enjoyable task management. Using MeisterTask, teams organize and manage tasks in a gorgeous, customizable environment that perfectly adapts to their workflow and even automates recurring steps. MeisterTask was developed by MeisterLabs, the company behind the award-winning brainstorming tool MindMeister. An integration between MindMeister and MeisterTask enables users to turn their brainstorms and visually-created project plans directly into agile projects.

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