Goodbye, Email Overload

Hello, Productive Team Communication.

Inefficient team collaboration and email overload are killing your team’s productivity and costing you money… but they don’t have to. Align your team, boost transparency and get more done with MeisterTask.

  • Reduce emails and chats.
  • Share information more efficiently.
  • Stay connected to your team.
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Two colleagues improve their teamwork through transparent communication in MeisterTask tasks.

Team Communication Is the Key to Great Teamwork

Now You’re Talking.

Struggling to prevent knowledge loss? Confusion and a lack of transparency harming progress? With a central team communication hub, you’ll find it easier to achieve your goals. You need MeisterTask: the tool’s simple, effective project boards act as central information hubs, keeping discussions flowing and teams aligned. Boost team collaboration and show your team the way… the MeisterTask way.

Build a More Collaborative Team

Flip the Script on Effective Team Communication.

Keeping an open line of communication shouldn’t be difficult. With MeisterTask, it isn’t. Open the door to more productive meetings, slash email overload and share clear feedback. MeisterTask centralizes team communication – allowing individual team members to thrive and strengthening your team as a whole.

Boost Team Efficiency

More Productive Meetings.

Reduce your meeting burden by sharing information centrally and making team communication more effective. Use comments and mentions to keep everyone updated, aligned and productive. Make the best use of your precious time with MeisterTask.

Documents, notifications and all necessary information is contained in a MeisterTask task, making meetings shorter and more efficient.

Improve Team Collaboration

Transparent Feedback.

Don’t leave communication to chance: Boost productivity by providing clear feedback. Keep your team aligned using MeisterTask’s comment and mention function – the core of team communication in the tool.

Clear feedback on tasks makes the team more productive.

Achieve Inbox Zero

Reduced Inbox Clutter.

Feeling overwhelmed by the tsunami of back and forth emails and messages? Consign inbox clutter to the past with MeisterTask. By keeping communication on the task, you can increase transparency, efficiency and productivity. MeisterTask makes inbox zero a reality.

Reactions and comments in MeisterTask reduce the endless rounds of feedback via email.

Paint a Clear Picture

Better Team Alignment.

Let MeisterTask’s clear and simple Kanban boards do the talking for you. By visualizing your projects, your team always knows what’s to be done, when. A picture in MeisterTask is worth more than a thousand words.

Clear tasks in a MeisterTask Kanban board lead to better coordination within the team.

Keep It All Together

Zero Knowledge Loss.

Your tasks in MeisterTask are the beating heart of team collaboration. See task descriptions, checklists and attachments all in one place: nothing is lost, nothing is forgotten.

Tasks in MeisterTask are information centers that the whole team can use.
The team is always up to date with comments, mentions and MeisterTask notifications.

Keep Team Communication Flowing

Straight to the Point.

Keep stakeholders updated by adding them as watchers: they’ll receive a notification any time a project is changed. Add comments to deal with questions and keep co-workers in the loop, and use mentions in comments to alert other team members to your message. On the go? Our mobile app keeps your team informed, wherever they are.

No Need to Compromise

Seamless Integrations.

MeisterTask is ideal as a team communication hub, slotting effortlessly into your digital ecosystem: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace and more. The Outlook integration for MeisterTask allows you to turn any email into a new task or add the contents of an email to an existing one – all without leaving your Outlook mailbox.

MeisterTask integrations like Slack, Outlook and Google Drive help with team communication.

Improve Team Alignment With MeisterTask.

Communicate Better, Get More Done.

Build a Culture of Collaboration With MeisterTask

Create Transparency Across the Board.

Comments & Mentions

Use the comments section of the task window to share information on task progress, and alert other team members to important information by mentioning them.


Use the activity stream in the task dialog to keep track and share information on task progress. Alert collaborators to important information by @mentioning them.

Mobile App

MeisterTask lets you manage projects and tasks wherever you are. The practical mobile app supports real-time collaboration, offline functionality and more.

Roles and Permissions

Assign different roles and permissions to project stakeholders to define and limit what they can view, access and edit. Collaborate effectively and keep sensitive data safe and secure.

“MeisterTask has created more transparency within our projects. We save time by going to fewer meetings, and meeting minutes have become mostly obsolete. Thanks to MeisterTask we collaborate and communicate more effectively.”

Profile picture of Katja Esch, IT Project Leader at LBBW

Katja Esch

IT Project Manager at LBBW

MeisterTask Integrates With Over 20 Tools You Already Use.


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Communicate Safely and Securely

Your Privacy. Our Priority.

MeisterTask is a Trusted Cloud certified service and fully EU-GDPR compliant. All our apps are hosted in the European Union in ISO 27001 certified data centers in Frankfurt, Germany. Other top-level security features include standard 256-bit SSL encryption, two-factor authentication and granular in-app permissions.

A shield with stars representing that MeisterTask is GDPR compliant.

Need Help Boosting Team Collaboration?

Improve Team Communication. Get More Done.

Teams communicate better with MeisterTask.

Improve Cross-departmental Communication

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Large corporations communicate more efficiently with MeisterTask.

Effective Communication in Large Enterprises

How German State Bank LBBW uses MeisterTask to help its 2,900 employees communicate better.

Three figures use a MeisterTask project to manage their tasks.

Get Your Team Started With MeisterTask

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