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The MeisterTask Advantage

We’d like to present exactly what sets us apart, and exactly what you can expect when you use MeisterTask.

A Solid Foundation

We’ve based our product on just a few, simple building blocks — a dashboard, projects and tasks. Some apps add so many bells and whistles that the core purpose gets lost. MeisterTask’s features complement its core; they don’t detract from it.

An Intuitive Design

MeisterTask is so easy to use that while we’ve got loads of tutorials and support articles, you probably won’t need them to get started. Just understand the basics and you’ll be ready to rock ‘n’ roll in no time.

Peace of Mind

Your security matters to us. That’s why MeisterTask’s servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany, why we backup your data regularly, why we use two-factor authentication, and why all accounts use a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted data transfer.

A Customizable Workflow

If you haven’t used it before, Kanban will revolutionize the way you work. MeisterTask’s kanban-style boards adapt to your workflow, and help you monitor project progress.

Straight from the source’s mouth:

Dawn Armstrong
Virgin Hyperloop One

“MeisterTask’s user-friendliness and its flexibility make it a no-brainer to use.”

Sam Parsons

“For project management, I’m currently loving MeisterTask. It’s a great Kanban board, really intuitive and in-depth, with awesome social/team functionality. Perfect for balancing multiple projects at once.”

Brett Terpstra

“MeisterTask is as beautiful and easy to use as MindMeister, and it’s perfect for the types of groups I work with. It’s the most beautiful Kanban implementation I’ve used.”

Effective Integrations

Already using other apps to manage your workload? Check out our ever-growing list of integrations to see how MeisterTask can boost their capabilities.

Outstanding Collaboration

Shared projects, shared tasks, comments, mentions, notifications; MeisterTask has everything you need to collaborate smoothly as a team. Get insights into your team’s productivity with statistics and reports.

Compelling Features

Between automations, recurring tasks, time tracking, timeline and agenda, MeisterTask has all the features you need to reach your goals.

Broad Compatibility

MeisterTask is web-based. That means no downloading, no manual updating. Get the app for Android, iOS, macOS or Windows and get all your team members, in-house or remote, on board.

And the Award Goes to…

We know that there are many task management apps out there. And we want you to choose the right tool for you. Of course, we hope that tool is MeisterTask, but only you can decide that. We made this shortlist of awards to help you make your decision. Yes, we gave ourselves an award. Can you blame us?

Most developer-oriented

Jira is tailored to agile/scrum team workflows. Those teams usually have the technical knowledge to administer it in-house, and the money to spend on it.

Most well-known

Trello is popular and has many features and customization options through third-party applications. Teams who use it only need to see their projects on a Kanban board (no other perspectives), and don’t mind a plain UI.

Most customizable

In addition to customization options, also has lots of features. Teams who use it don’t mind spending time onboarding, getting to know product-specific terminology, and setting up tricky workflows.

Most team-management focused

Asana’s focus on managing teams translates into features specifically for giving managers an overview of what their employees are working on. Those who use Asana might lose track of individual tasks as projects are geared towards the big picture.

Most cost-effective for Microsoft 365 users

Microsoft Project focuses on the big picture, rather than individual tasks. For tasks, Microsoft has made To Do. Teams who want to use them need at least 10 business licenses for the Microsoft 365 suite to integrate everything and get a smooth process going.

Most intuitive and efficient

MeisterTask is easy to use, both manager and employee friendly, affordable, and has a slick UI. Individuals who use it benefit from the overview across all projects afforded by agenda. Teams who use it are usually looking for swift collaboration via a few key features and not technical complexity.