MeisterTask for Banks

Simple. Agile. Secure.

Banks are at the cusp of digital innovation — setting the standard for modern work through state-of-the-art methods and cutting-edge tools. 

MeisterTask is the Kanban task management tool your bank needs to implement agile processes across your organization. 

It’s Kanban, it’s easy to use, it’s scalable.

MeisterTask is improving the way banks collaborate.

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Go Agile with Kanban

Transform your agile workflows into easy-to-follow visual processes using MeisterTask’s Kanban-style boards. Customizable to suit your organization’s every need.

Simplicity = Acceptance

Implementing new software can be met with resistance, so it needs to show its value quickly. Your team may reject a tool if it’s unintuitive or requires extensive training.

Simplicity is key. MeisterTask’s user-friendliness directly translates into higher user acceptance — it’s so easy to use that users actually use it.

Start in Seconds, Scale in Minutes

Creating a MeisterTask account takes three clicks. Sign up, fill in your details, activate your account and… done! With that taking seconds, the tool can be rolled out to your entire team within minutes. Best of all, MeisterTask is so easy to use that the time usually reserved for onboarding can be spent working — no training required.

Agile Workflows with MeisterTask

Whether you’re streamlining workflows in your sales, controlling, risk and regulation departments; managing projects and organizational development; or simply keeping track of regular meetings with the board of directors — everything works better with MeisterTask. 

Check out how MeisterTask became the go-to agile solution for Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW).

Katja Esch
Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

“The idea to use a collaborative task management tool first came up during an Open Space Event focusing on agile work. It was our goal to make collaboration within and across our departments not only more efficient, but also more transparent.

Aside from its intuitive user interface, MeisterTask’s server location was a deciding factor for us. The security of our data is of utmost priority. With MeisterTask, we know that our data is stored in Germany and protected by rigorous security and privacy measures.”

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Your Privacy Matters

At Meister, we take your privacy and security seriously. That’s why all MeisterTask servers are located in an ISO-certified data center.

With other top-level security features — including 256-bit encryption SSL on all data transfers and 24x7x365 monitoring of the entire server farm — you can rest assured that we’ve taken the responsibility that comes with the power of MeisterTask extremely seriously. 

Key Features

MeisterTask’s robust feature set combines powerful task and project management capabilities with a thoughtful, intuitive design. The result: it’s all geared up to help your organization achieve maximum productivity.


Roles and Permissions



Microsoft 365 integration

Custom Fields

Admin Account


User Groups

Team Projects

Account Manager

Recurring Tasks

Whatever your bank needs —  MeisterTask does it all.

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