Work With Microsoft Apps? So Does MeisterTask

Microsoft. MeisterTask. Masterpiece.

Team working well with Microsoft 365? Adding the perfect task management tool shouldn’t mean reinventing the wheel. Integrate MeisterTask into your Microsoft environment: No onboarding. No extra logins. No problem.

All Your Apps, One Login

Make It Simple.

Multiple user logins confuse teams and create security vulnerabilities. The solution? Task management software connected to your Microsoft 365 accounts! MeisterTask makes account management easy with single sign-on – simply log in to MeisterTask with your Microsoft 365 credentials. It also helps keep everyone on the same page: Connect any MeisterTask project to a Microsoft 365 account to automate project notifications.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Make It Faster.

Losing time toggling between chats, projects and other apps? Manage team projects where discussions happen and keep track of your tasks. With the MeisterTask + Microsoft Teams integration, you can view any project board in a Teams channel: simply add it as a tab! Then, create and comment on tasks directly in Teams to make any channel a productivity hub. MeisterTask + Teams means less time switching between tools, more on the work that matters.

All Your Microsoft Apps, Connected

Make It Productive.

Too many tasks. Too many tools. Your task management software should integrate seamlessly into your Microsoft ecosystem. MeisterTask fits the bill: turn emails into actionable tasks with the Outlook add-in, or boost real-time collaboration by attaching OneDrive files to tasks. Better yet, you prevent missed deadlines with MeisterTask’s iCalendar integration, which shows you the due dates of all your tasks directly in your calendar. It’s your workflow, done your way.

The Perfect Task Management Software for Microsoft

Integrate Microsoft 365 + MeisterTask Today.

Master the Microsoft Integration

Connect your MeisterTask account with Microsoft 365 and set up the Microsoft 365 Groups integration.

Get Connected With Microsoft Teams

View projects, create tasks and collaborate with colleagues without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

Turn Outlook Emails Into Tasks

Gain control of your inbox with the optimized Outlook add-in for MeisterTask. Find out how it works.

Task Management for Microsoft Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Make Microsoft Better… With MeisterTask

MeisterTask Means Business

What’s Included in the MeisterTask Business Plan?



On time. Identify bottlenecks with Timeline. Similar to a Gantt chart, the feature displays project tasks in calendar view.



Data-driven. Get the insights that matter: Generate quick reports, or customize filters for a clear overview of project status.



Effortless. Automate repeating steps in your workflow to increase efficiency and consistency – let MeisterTask save you time.



Touch base. Make MeisterTask your productivity hub by setting up integrations with tools your team already uses.



Centralized. Attach images and files up to 200MB directly to tasks. Everything you need to work effectively, all in one place.


Export to CSV

Standard. Export project data as .CSV files that can be viewed, edited and analyzed with Microsoft Excel and more.

Get More From the Tools You Already Use

Try Out MeisterTask’s Microsoft Integration Today!

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