MeisterTask + Microsoft

Work better together

Create the ultimate collaborative workspace by connecting MeisterTask to your Microsoft apps. Then:

  • Get instant task updates.
  • Work collaboratively in real time.
  • Access all your work from one place.

Streamline Your Workflow

Get your team and your work in one place.

Microsoft 365

Log in easily with your Microsoft 365 domain.

Microsoft 365 Groups

Keep members of your Microsoft 365 groups informed about task changes.

Microsoft Teams

Add MeisterTask as a tab to any of your channels to manage tasks and projects.


Turn emails into tasks without leaving your inbox. 

Login Made Easy

Microsoft 365 users can log in to MeisterTask using their Microsoft 365 credentials. If you already have  MeisterTask, simply connect it to your Microsoft account.

Update Your Entire Microsoft 365 Group At Once

Connect your MeisterTask project board to one of your Microsoft 365 groups. Your group will then be notified automatically when updates occur. That’s it! No more alignment meetings necessary!

Manage Tasks Directly from Microsoft Teams

Manage tasks without switching applications. See your project board in your Teams channel and make use of Microsoft’s built-in chat function. Collaboration doesn’t get more instant than that!

Turn Emails into Tasks With the Outlook Add-In

MeisterTask’s Outlook add-in turns your emails into tasks in two clicks!

Simply add MeisterTask as an integration to get all your tasks into one place.

See Tasks as Events in Your Calendar

Never miss a deadline again! Use MeisterTask’s iCalendar integration to visualize tasks as events in your Outlook calendar.

What are you waiting for?

Try out MeisterTask’s Microsoft integration today!