1, 2, Task!

Just Three Building Blocks
and You’re on Your Way

Building Block #1 –
The Dashboard

Serving as your homebase in MeisterTask, your dashboard is where you’ll see your projects, tasks and personalized checklist at a glance.

Building Block #2 –

From the dashboard, click on one of your projects to open a Kanban-style project board. Customize the vertical sections to fit your workflow. Then set the project’s properties to suit your needs.

Building Block #3 –

Once you’ve got your project board the way you like it, start creating tasks for yourself and your team members.

Now that you’ve got your three building blocks in place, you’re ready to get to work. And as you work, you can personalize your MeisterTask experience.

Set Your Notifications

Never miss out on important task or project updates. MeisterTask informs you as soon as:

  • You’re assigned a task- You’re mentioned in a task
  • Someone else interacts with a task that you are watching or working on

This way, you’re always in the loop.

Outstanding Features & Automations

Power features allow you to automate your workflow and save time every day

Integrate Your Favorite Apps

No need to change your style if it’s working for you — but let us do the heavy lifting. If you’re used to creating tasks for your team via email, carry on. Those emails can become tasks in MeisterTask through our Gmail integration. All that and so much more is possible through our many integrations.

Go Mobile

Stay up to date wherever you are with MeisterTask’s free apps for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. That means easy and fun collaborative task management on the go.

Implement Your Ideas

MeisterTask seamlessly integrates with MindMeister, the online mind mapping app that lets you brainstorm with others in real-time and create project plans visually. As soon as you’re finished mapping, and have defined your tasks, you can drag and drop them into a connected project in MeisterTask.

MeisterTask Security

We take your online security and privacy very seriously. MeisterTask conforms to both EU and US-based data protection standards to ensure the best-possible protection for your projects.

Servers located

in Frankfurt, Germany

Data Backup

daily, weekly and bi-weekly

256-bit (SSL)

encrypted data transfer



Private Projects

by default on MeisterTask

Encryption at rest

by default

For more information, please see MeisterTask Security.