Work Remotely.

Stay Productive.

Bridge the gap: Use MeisterTask’s powerful features to make remote work collaborative, efficient and productive.

An Overview

Thanks to Kanban.

In the office or remotely, stay on top of your team’s to-dos. Visualize day-to-day activities and project work as tasks on Kanban-style boards to follow progress from concept to completion.

Distributed Team?

Centralized Work.

Even when your team is everywhere, MeisterTask keeps your work in one place. With smart collaborative features and smooth integrations with the tools you use most, MeisterTask is essential to productivity.

Easy to Use

Easy Onboarding.

Working remotely can be overwhelming for your team. Do them a favor and keep it simple! MeisterTask is so easy to use, you can roll out to your entire team in minutes — no training required.


About Work, On Work.

When your team works remotely, alignment is key. Reduce reliance on inefficient online meetings by keeping project-related communication where the real work happens: on the task itself.

Get your team aligned.

Bring everyone together in one place with MeisterTask.


With Reports

Your team works differently at home. Take away the guesswork and find out exactly how remote projects are performing with MeisterTask Reports. Monitor workload, prevent bottlenecks and use data to ensure your team stays productive.



Why try to replicate your office workflows remotely? Use MeisterTask to set up and customize workflows that fit perfectly to your remote team. Our tool adapts to your team’s new working style: not the other way around.

Integrate with

Apps You Use

Perfect for remote teams, MeisterTask won’t disrupt your software portfolio. Slot task management effortlessly into your digital ecosystem via native integrations with Google Workspace and Office 365, or connect with 2000+ apps via Zapier.

Working from home is easy, when you have the right tool!

Get organized and productive with MeisterTask!

Using MeisterTask for

Remote Work

Connect and collaborate while working remotely. Empower your remote team to plan projects,
coordinate work remotely, and hit their goals with MeisterTask.

Inside Meister’s


At the beginning of this extended work-from-home situation, we offered youa few tipsto make the most of your time away from the office. Some of us here at Meister followed our own advice, and some of us did not. Either way, we’ve made it this far and wanted to share with you an inside look at what’s become of us.

Task Management Software:

5 Features Needed

Analog to-do lists can only take your business so far. They may have worked in the pre-digital era, but they are quickly becoming redundant in an increasingly connected world. Even some basic digital task management tools, like spreadsheets, aren’t keeping pace.

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