8 Inspiring Examples of Educational Mind Maps

If you’re looking for inspiration in the classroom, check out these beautiful educational mind maps. You can maximise the maps to view them more easily, play the presentations embedded within them, and even clone them to your personal MindMeister account if you want to edit and use them yourself!

Albert Einstein Mind Map

The Theory of Evolution Mind Map

This is the type of map that provides a quick overview of a topic. It can be created by the teacher in advance of the lesson and distributed to all students. Students can then take more detailed notes during class and attach additional files to the map.

Schrödinger’s Cat Mind Map

This is a mind map presentation. Click on the play button to start the slideshow.

Nouns Mind Map

This is a grammar mind map – it provides a great overview of all types of nouns available in the English language. Students can create maps like this one to collect all sorts of grammar rules and refer back to them throughout the school year.

Albert Einstein Mind Map

This is a map about Albert Einstein. Whenever students learn about an important person, an inventor, author, scientist or historical figure, they can collect all information about them in such a mind map.

Latin Questions Mind Map

Here’s another example of a grammar mind map. With maps like this one, memorizing Latin vocabulary, phrases and question words is a lot more fun. They can also be turned into slideshows and used by the teacher to introduce new material to the class.

The Geologic Time Scale Mind Map

This is a very cool example of a mind map that can be used in your geography lesson. It visualizes the different eras with images and makes them easy to remember.

German Food Vocabulary Mind Map

Are your students still using those old, three-columned note books to write down vocabulary of a second language? If so, it’s about time you introduce them to mind mapping!

Book Report Mind Map

Creating a mind map while reading a book can not only improve reading comprehension but also help students prepare for book reports. Take a look at this pretty map about Jack London’s famous novel “The Call of the Wild”:

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