Innovation Management with MindMeister and OnePoint

This is a guest post by Gerald Aquila, CEO of our strategic partner OnePoint – 360° Enterprise Project Management. Here he discusses the values and benefits of using MindMeister together with OnePoint Project as a complete Innovation Management process.

In order to remain competitive, you or your company must consistently be on the lookout for new opportunities. Where are your new ideas coming from? Do you have a process in place to collect, analyze, and realize these ideas?


Mind mapping at its core is a graphic representation of thoughts and ideas. Based on the nature of its use and positive output, mind mapping is a method ideally suited for today’s innovation management process.

At the front end of the innovation management process strategic goals must be formulated and divided into focus areas. Once focus areas are defined, the entire company can then contribute to the new idea generation process through MindMeister. Every idea can be considered as a potential project, and team members will add their own ideas, generating a number of potential variants of this initial idea.

Once ideas have reached a semi-mature point, the team may then start adding “Pros and Cons” to each idea, as well as conduct a SWOT analysis. By adding the collective input and envisioning multiple versions of the same core idea, participants have self-selected the most promising solutions.

Through MindMeister’s history view, top-level management is able to see the entire creation process and begin defining feasibility requirements. Together with the innovation management team, preliminary project management plans may then be constructed.

It is during this critical phase where an enterprise project management (EPM) solution such as Onepoint Project can bring ideas to life.

The preliminary project plan can easily be imported from MindMeister into Onepoint Project and then enhanced with accurate duration and effort data. By using Onepoint’s project management solution, project managers can generate an accurate estimate of project length and cost, as well as generating detailed cost and human resource breakout lists.

Top management will have the ability to gain a complete overview of the project through various project size and scope estimates, thus empowering their “Go/No Go” decision.

When used together, the MindMeister/Onepoint Project solution can provide for a collaborative innovation management data collection point, right on through to final production.

With an Innovation Pipeline based on MindMeister and Onepoint Project in place, your company can be ready to strike when the iron is hot, and take full advantage of your next “Big Thing”.

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