Boost Team Productivity with MeisterTask & Zapier for Teams

Your team can say goodbye to manual updates and hello to supercharged team productivity, with MeisterTask and new Zapier for Teams.

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Following the latest release from app automation platform Zapier, it’s now easier than ever to set up powerful workflow automations with MeisterTask and share these workflows with your teammates.

Companies all over the world are already using MeisterTask to manage their team’s tasks, projects, chats and deadlines, all in one place. And, with the help of Zapier, these teams can now connect MeisterTask with 2,000+ apps via workflow automations, or in their lingo ‘Zaps’.

Need to create a follow-up task, every time a sales query enters your inbox? No problem. Want to post an automated congrats GIF in Slack, when your marketing team completes a campaign? Zapier have you covered.

What’s New About Zapier for Teams

With Zapier for Teams, you can now manage your organization’s workflows from a single centralized account.

Zapier for teams MeisterTask productivity

There’s no need to maintain individual accounts or recreate Zaps for separate team members. Via shared folders, Zaps can be managed on behalf of the whole team, allowing businesses to:

  • share Zaps with teammates, to edit or copy for their own use
  • View the Task History of any shared Zaps, allowing users to track team productivity
  • Share data from connected apps, enabling team members to access tools via their Zaps, without needing individual login credentials.

What’s more, a Zapier for Teams account unlocks a number of premium services offered by Zapier, including access to enterprise favorites such as Salesforce, Stripe, PayPal, Facebook Lead Ads and Microsoft products.

5 Ways Businesses Can Boost Team Productivity with MeisterTask & Zapier

Whether it’s your company’s sales software, bug-tracking tool, or your favorite CRM, you can now set up team Zaps to automate workflows between MeisterTask and hundreds of possible tools. Here are five automations to get you started:

1. Create a new task in your MeisterTask sales project every time a lead is identified

First, create a simple project board in MeisterTask for qualified sales leads, with a section for each key stage of your sales funnel:  

team productivity Zapier for teams meistertask project board Then, set up the following Zap on behalf of your sales team between MeisterTask and Salesforce – a Premium app available to Zapier Team members:

Via the Zap, every time a sales lead is added in Salesforce, a task will be automatically created in your MeisterTask Lead Funnel project board, ready for you to take them through your sales funnel:

team productivity Zapier for teams meistertask set-up in MeisterTask new task

You can then manage all leads and sales in one place with no need to manually copy contacts across.

2. Send your team an automatic update as your project progresses

Communicating internally via chat channels instead of via email can save your team a lot of time. Plus, when you connect MeisterTask to chat channels via Zapier, you can save even more.

Via the Slack and HipChat Zaps, you can keep your whole team in the loop by posting MeisterTask project progression to your chosen chat channels.

With Slack, share all the newest info in one fell swoop by posting a digest of your MeisterTask updates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis:

Or, if you use HipChat and would like to update your team more frequently, set up an update for every time a MeisterTask task is completed:

With either approach, you can update your team on a periodic basis, without lifting a finger.

3. Manage and track marketing campaigns automatically

Begin by using MeisterTask to set up a Marketing Campaign project board:

team productivity Zapier for teams meistertask marketing campaign project board

Then, using a similar process to our first example, create a Zap from Facebook Lead Ads to collate subsequent leads from your Ad campaigns in your Marketing Campaign project board:

Via Zapier, you can then use the MeisterTask to Google Sheets Zap, to collect all campaign data in one place.

Other performance metrics, such as those taken from Google Analytics and Amplitude, can then be added alongside these figures, to assess the campaign’s success.

4. Ensure you never miss another important email

To help stay on top of emails, teams can set up Zaps that automatically turn labeled Gmail messages into tasks in the designated MeisterTask project and section.

For example, you can set up a Zap whereby if you label an email with a ‘sales’ tag, a task will automatically be created in the ‘Request from client’ section of your CRM MeisterTask project.

team productivity Zapier for teams meistertask email to task

The task will be named after the email subject line and the task notes will feature the body of the email, alongside the client email address to get back to. You can set yourself a deadline for the task too, to ensure you get back to them in good time.

5. Follow Team Success with Zapier’s Task History and MeisterTask’s Statistics & Reports

Within the Statistics & Reports area of MeisterTask, teams can gain insight into team productivity, including where things have been going well and where tasks are being held up.

Based on all project data, team members can view which tasks are taking the longest, and which tasks are overdue, coming up, or have been completed. Team members can also track the time spent on each task to generate even more insight.

team productivity Zapier for teams meistertask statistics & reports

This insight can be added to further using the Task History feature within Zapier for Teams, which allows you to track the history of all tasks completed through your shared team account.

How to Set Up Zapier for Teams

To access Zapier for Teams, you’ll first need to create a Zapier account, if you don’t have one already. To do this, you can either sign up for a free account and then upgrade, or visit to create your team.

If choosing the latter, Zapier will create the account for you, setting you as the owner of your team, before requesting your billing information, name, and team logo. It’s then down to you to invite your teammates and transfer any existing Zaps to your shared Zap folder. Everyone on your team will then have access to view, edit, or copy your newly shared workflow.

Sign up to Zapier for Teams

Once signed up to Zapier, you can view our list of Zap templates via our website or just dive in and build your own from scratch. You can also find the Zapier button within the Features tab of the MeisterTask project dialog:

team productivity Zapier for teams meistertask set-up in MeisterTask

P.S. There’s a Reason Why We’re So Excited About Zapier for Teams…

We’re particularly excited by this Zapier for Teams update because we have a big announcement that ties in perfectly – MeisterTask Business: the new plan for enterprise teams.

With MeisterTask Business, teams will be able to save time, together, through the following features:

  • Complete bulk actions for a whole team, for example by adding an entire team or group to a project via the invite dialog, instead of adding each member individually
  • Roles & Permissions for projects, providing team members with more or less control over Project edits, as administrators can define team members as Admins, Members, Commenters or Read Only, with varying permissions for each role
  • Personalized onboarding assistance for large teams looking to train up all team members to using MeisterTask for maximum output, fast
  • 24/7 priority support from our customer team, meaning your teamwork won’t be held up if an issue arises.

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