ThinkEngine Uses MeisterTask to Provide Clients With Exceptional Tech-Driven Marketing Solutions

ThinkEngine is not your run-of-the-mill digital marketing agency. By building an ecosystem of strong tech partners, the team is able to draw upon a multitude of resources to provide innovative programs with benefits that add value for their clients. As one of their primary partners, MeisterTask enables ThinkEngine to execute campaigns and projects effectively, simultaneously supporting their values of transparency and accountability.

ThinkEngine and MeisterTask

ThinkEngine is a UK-based B2B digital marketing and innovation agency with a vast array of clients in the financial services, real estate and technology industries. Founded by Ben Michaelis in 2015, the agency delivers holistic digital services and solutions mainly focused around Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-per-Click (PPC) and Chatbot development. However, what sets them apart from other agencies is their mission: to promote trust, transparency, and accountability through innovation. 

“Many digital providers simply don’t deliver what they say they will,” says Ben Michaelis. “They make big claims to draw clients in but then produce mediocre results, which they somehow manage to justify because their clients aren’t privy to their internal processes.”

When Ben founded ThinkEngine, his primary goal was to redefine what a marketing agency is. “We think of ourselves as a partner, not an agency — a natural extension of a company’s marketing department. We’re part of their team, and as such we collaborate closely with the client in shared workspaces that provide full transparency and accountability.”

ThinkEngine Team Photo

Ben discovered the digital task management tool MeisterTask soon after it hit the market and has been using it to collaborate with clients and manage their projects ever since. The reason?

MeisterTask supports our agency’s values by offering transparency and accountability on every level.

Ben explains further: “In our shared project boards, clients can see at a glance what we’re working on and how campaigns are progressing. They can interact and communicate with us, giving feedback and signing off on initiatives in real-time without the need for time-consuming update meetings.” 

MeisterTask isn’t the only task management tool on the market that would allow Ben and his team to work together with clients in this way. So, what makes it special?

MeisterTask is extremely visual and intuitive. For us, ease-of-use is important because it means that we barely have to spend any time onboarding our clients. Within a few minutes, they usually understand the tool and love it. Within twenty minutes, they’re actively using it.

Additionally, ThinkEngine appreciates that MeisterTask runs on virtually all operating systems and devices. “Our team works remotely, and each one uses their own preferred platform. Our clients, naturally, have their own preferences too. MeisterTask is a web-based solution, which makes it easy for everyone to access our shared projects, no matter where they are or which device they’re using.”

Using MeisterTask with Clients

ThinkEngine’s marketing experts use MeisterTask to manage all kinds of internal processes, such as employee onboarding and road-mapping. However, client projects are at the core of their business activities. 

To handle these, the team creates a new project board in MeisterTask for each new client. “Whenever we onboard SEO clients, for example, the first thing we do is an audit, followed by a meeting with the client in which we decide on the next steps. We define the tasks we want to focus on during the first fourteen days, the first thirty days, and thereafter. We create these tasks in MeisterTask right in front of their eyes, which reinforces the things we say in the meeting and creates accountability.”

ThinkEngine MeisterTask Board

In a second step, ThinkEngine shares this project with the client. Using MeisterTask’s task watching feature, clients can easily keep track of ThinkEngine’s progress. They receive automatic notifications via email whenever changes are made to a task.

MeisterTask Email ThinkEngine

Thanks to MeisterTask’s built-in commenting feature, the client can respond to questions and provide feedback quickly, leading to a streamlined and efficient workflow.

ThinkEngine Chat in MeisterTask

The Value of Partnerships

After successfully utilizing MeisterTask with their clients for more than five years, it only made sense that ThinkEngine and MeisterTask would form an official partnership, enabling both parties to support each other even further. In January 2021, the agency officially became a Certified Expert Partner of MeisterTask

For Meister, partnering with ThinkEngine provides significant benefits on multiple levels. Firstly, the agency introduces organizations to MeisterTask who otherwise may never have come in contact with the tool. Secondly, as certified experts, the team can train their clients on how to get the most out of MeisterTask. This way, new and existing clients can understand how to work better with the agency and see how MeisterTask may aid their internal processes. Last but not least, Meister can draw upon the skills and resources provided by ThinkEngine and their extended global network of partners. 

Similarly, ThinkEngine appreciates its partnership with Meister. “Our ecosystem of tech-partners provides our clients with ongoing benefits beyond our core service offerings,” says Ben. “It allows us to build trust and ultimately drive greater revenue opportunities for our clients. Meister’s values perfectly align with our own. We both believe that technology should simplify the complexities of marketing by offering a visual, intuitive, and appealing workspace that provides full transparency and supports efficient collaboration.”

To Summarise

If you’re looking for a results-driven B2B marketing partner who will work with your business in real time and deliver on their promises, head on over to ThinkEngine’s website to get in touch with their team.

If your company is in search of a more intuitive and efficient way to collaborate with clients and drive results, check out MeisterTask or apply for an Expert Partnership with Meister.

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