Top 8 Edu Resources for the Next School Year

Make the next school year your most successful one yet, with these fantastic 8 edu resources we’ve put together. Learn how to finally tackle that social media addiction, improve your reading comprehension, memorize vocabulary more effectively, and more!

Back2School 2015

1. How to Tackle Your Facebook Addiction

Facebook Addiction

MindMeister’s co-founder Michael Hollauf looked into people’s tendency to constantly check their social media accounts when they really should be working, studying or doing their homework. If you find yourself getting distracted easily, this article on TheNextWeb has some practical advice about how to concentrate and stay on task longer.

2. Improve Your Reading Comprehension


If you often find yourself struggling with difficult texts, be sure to check out this article on the Whooo’s Reading blog where I explain how you can use mind maps to visualize what you read and break down complex information into smaller, more manageable chunks.

3. Learn a 2nd Language Fast

Vocabulary mind map

When it comes to memorizing, mind maps are a much better format than linear notes because they use a whole range of mental triggers that make it easier for your brain to remember what you’re studying. In this article we’ll show you exactly how to  use mind maps to memorize vocabulary and grammar rules of a foreign language.

4. Write Better Essays and Papers

My Paper Brainstorming Map

This article explains how you can use mind maps to brainstorm ideas for your essay, organize source material, and create an outline for your paper that will help you stay on track while you write.

5. The Teacher’s Guide to Mind Mapping

Curriculum overview mind map for teachers

This article is all about teaching with mind maps. It provides tons of ideas and use cases for teachers, like lesson plans, topic and discussion templates, presentations, quizzes and more.

6. The Student’s Guide to Mind Mapping

Hand-drawn mind map

In this article we’ve put together the 10 most important applications of mind mapping for students. Find out how to use mind maps to organize group projects, create engaging classroom presentations, and more!

7. Inspiring Examples of Educational Mind Maps

Inspirational mind maps

Mind maps are extremely versatile. You can use them to take notes during class, brainstorm ideas for essays, collect grammar rules, create engaging presentations and much more. To get inspired, check out this collection of educational mind maps!

8. Mind Mapping for Students With ASD

Mind mapping for students with ASD

Students with the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) face many challenges in their education, but because most of them tend to be visual thinkers, the mind map format can help them greatly when it comes to improving memory and recall as well as expressing their thoughts. Read this article to learn about the great successes students with ASD have had with mind maps.