Welcome to the Team: Introducing Meister’s Newest Members

At Meister, continual growth is ingrained in our culture. That’s why we’re really excited to welcome aboard our newest additions to the Meister team. Everyone we hire brings a unique background,  perspectives and skills to the table: so we can’t wait to see what they’ll accomplish with us. With so many talented new Lobsters joining us across our commercial and engineering departments, it’s time to introduce them!

Welcome to the Team: Introducing Meister’s Newest Members

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Eduardo Antequera – Backend Developer

Quick facts

Nationality Spanish
Previous Job Student
Tell us a fun fact about yourself I have a passion for strategy video games.
How did you hear about Meister and what made you apply?

I actually heard through a friend who works at Meister. He told me all about the work culture, the benefits (like free breakfast!), and how you can use 10% of your working day for personal development. The fact that Meister has a dynamic and vibrant culture really made me want to apply.

Do you feel set up for success at Meister after your onboarding week?

Onboarding is a totally new experience for me. It helps you get to know the company and the products really well and has helped me ease into life at Meister. It was great getting to know the others in my onboarding group and make connections with co-workers who will branch off into different departments.

What excites you most about your new role at Meister and what are your biggest goals for the next year?

The process of starting a new job and learning new technologies is always exciting. I really look forward to contributing to the success of MeisterTask by helping to build new features, and I think that is one of the things that excites me most. One of my main goals is just to learn as much as possible throughout this year.

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Jelena Kurtovic – Product Manager

Quick facts

Nationality Peruvian/Croatian
Previous Job Business Analyst
Tell us a fun fact about yourself I recently discovered a talent for making (very complex) gingerbread houses from scratch!
What attracted you to Meister?

During my “CEMS at WU” (Vienna University of Economics and Business) program, I signed up for the Tech Club. They organize visits to start-ups and the Tech Club president had completed an internship at Meister. I heard Michael Hollauf’s (Meister co-founder and CEO) presentation on Meister’s beginnings and was really impressed by the environment, the vibe, the sense of passion.

How was your onboarding experience and do you now feel set up for success at Meister?

It was amazing. We all felt so welcomed and well taken care of thanks to the effort that went into onboarding by the People and Culture team. Now I have (almost) all the tools I need to create value at Meister. It’s like chess: I have an overview of the board, the players, I know the rules, so now I just need to develop a strategy and game on! My goal at Meister is to tackle as many topics as possible within the Product Team and smooth the connections across the products.

What are the things you like about Vienna?

I had the chance to live in Vienna in 2015 and for a few (lockdown) months in 2021, but the city still finds new ways to surprise me. I can’t wait to explore the city more and see it through the eyes of my fellow Lobsters as well!

Peter Sabath – Graphic Designer

Quick facts

Nationality Austrian
Previous Job Graphic Designer in the agency world
Tell us a fun fact about yourself The only reason I have a beard is that I’m just too lazy to shave.
Were you already familiar with Meister’s products?

Yes! One day, I happened to be browsing through LinkedIn and saw that Meister was hiring. I hadn’t realized that Meister was located in Vienna, but because I already knew the products I decided to apply immediately! The hiring process was also very transparent and the People and Culture team made it easy every step of the way.

How has your previous experience prepared you for your new role at Meister?

I’ve designed all kinds of print and digital products for users, and I can empathize with users having gained insights into what people need and how to help people work more efficiently with products that are also more fun to use. 

What are your ambitions for the next year?

I am super excited about being part of the team, working on making the Meister products even more beautiful, and helping to make great products for millions of users.

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Alexander Eisendle – Digital Marketer, SEO Focus

Quick facts

Nationality Austrian
Previous Job Senior SEO with an SEO agency
Tell us a fun fact about yourself People call me “Eisi”.
What skills do you bring to the Meister table?

I have a very diverse skill set. Besides my Master’s degree in business administration, I am very interested in digitalization, websites, SEO, SEA and social media.

How has your experience prepared you for your role at Meister?

I worked in an SEO agency as a Senior SEO from 2014 to 2022, which stands me in good stead for taking SEO to the next level at Meister and ultimately helping the company to grow.

What do you do to let off steam?

I really enjoy playing soccer, hiking and spending time with my family.

Flóra Dudás – UX/UI Designer

Quick facts

Nationality Hungarian
Previous Job UX/UI Designer at BlackRock
Tell us a fun fact about yourself I once worked as a lifeguard at a waterpark in the US.
How did you hear about Meister and what made you apply?

I’d actually never heard of Meister before. I came across the job advert on Linkedin and felt inspired to apply.

How has your previous experience prepared you for your new role at Meister?

I’ve spent more than 4 years working in the advertising industry in several roles: Motion Designer, Digital Art Director and UX/UI designer. As a local UX/UI Designer for Asia Pacific working for a global investment company, I came up with design solutions and created web experiences. After that I transitioned to the Design System team and I was responsible for core components.

How do you spend your free time?

I love spending time with my rescued greyhound, Sebi. I really like traveling and experiencing different cultures, practicing yoga or cycling. My favorite hobby is to paint different objects with galaxy designs and besides that, I have also started to dive into the world of astrophotography.

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Petya Boyadziiska – Product Manager

Quick facts

Nationality Bulgarian
Previous Job Acquisition Manager
Tell us a fun fact about yourself I am a huge Marvel fan.
Why did you pursue a career in Product Management?

Good question! I actually have a degree in economics, but I’ve never worked in finance. Early on in my career I was given the chance to explore Product Management; I loved it, and it’s remained my passion to this day.

What skills have you developed that you will use at Meister?

I have strong skills in the areas of project management, data analysis, conversion optimization, A/B and MV testing, and can get to grips with technical areas pretty quickly. I love working with teams from different areas, learning new things and adopting new skills. Basically, I love to be challenged.

How do you recharge your batteries?

I love spending time with my family. Recently I took up gardening and even managed to grow some dahlias and strawberries last summer. Apart from that, I can’t wait to be able to travel freely again, visit my family and explore travel destinations new and old.

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Jeremiah Polo – Android Developer

Quick facts

Nationality Kenyan
Previous Job Android Developer
Tell us a fun fact about yourself My friends say I’m “the life of the party”.
How did you hear about Meister and what made you apply?

A friend of mine heard about Meister at NextConf and told me about the company. My personal mantra is to always “strive to create beautiful and intuitive applications that stand out to the user” and that aligns with Meister’s values. That’s really what inspired me to apply.

Do you feel set up for success at Meister after your onboarding week?

Onboarding was both fun and educational. It’s structured so that each step prepares you for the next. All the information we were given during onboarding means that we are definitely set up to succeed. We know how the different teams work, who the users of our products are, and what Meister’s ambitions are for the future. 

Talking of the future, what excites you most about your new role at Meister?

What excites me most is that I will be working alongside talented people who build beautiful, intuitive and high quality products.

Muhammad Muzammil – Android Developer

Quick facts

Nationality Pakistani
Previous Job Android Developer at AYM Commerce
Tell us a fun fact about yourself I love to travel and explore new places. 
Did Meister tick all your career search boxes?

Absolutely. I was looking for a career opportunity in Europe, with a company whose values I aligned with and where I knew I could make good use of my skills. I was impressed with Meister’s products, and during my research I was reassured to learn that Meister really gives its employees the space to grow. That’s really important to me.

How did you feel about the challenge you were set during the hiring process?

I was set a coding challenge, which I felt went very well. I also felt that this prepared me well for the next step in the hiring process, and with all the research I had done on Meister, I was pretty confident despite all the nerves! I was made to feel relaxed during my interviews, so really after a few minutes I was able to settle into a technical discussion with like-minded people.

What are you most excited about as you begin your journey at Meister?

My technical expertise aligns really well with the technology behind the Meister Suite. This is going to help me add a lot of value to the team and the company. I’m part of a great team and it’s a pleasure to contribute to a growing company that builds such beautiful, intuitive products.  

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Mathieu Daumas – iOS Developer

Quick facts

Nationality French
Previous Job iOS Developer at Bleu122, Toulouse, FR
Tell us a fun fact about yourself I have a brilliant memory for song lyrics, from Iron Maiden to Britney Spears to Boney M and Dr. Dre.
How much did you know about Meister before you applied?

Not much, but I was looking for a job in Vienna and I saw the job ad on LinkedIn. The description was so appealing that I immediately checked out the Meister website. What I read about the company, the products and, as an iOS developer, the mobile apps, really inspired me to apply. I have to say that the whole hiring process put me at ease and gave me a great insight into the people and culture at Meister.

What did you enjoy most about your first week at Meister?

Onboarding week was amazing. It goes way beyond anything I’ve experienced before, where you’re thrown in at the deep end after just a day or so. Now I feel prepared and confident about doing my best work in an environment where there are real opportunities to grow. Other companies should follow Meister’s example.

Any hobbies we should know about?

I’m a typical geek, so if you’re looking for someone to spend hours talking with about tech or science, I’m your guy. Other than that, I play table tennis and I love board games and video games.

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Elisabeth Sonnleitner – Content Marketing Lead

Quick facts

Nationality Austrian
Previous Job Content Marketing & Corporate Publishing Team Lead
Tell us a fun fact about yourself I often find myself in the oddest of situations while traveling, and one time involved hitchhiking by plane!
What convinced you to apply to Meister?

I’ve been familiar with MindMeister since 2016 and I also identify with Meister’s values. After reading the website and the Focus blog in particular, it was clear that Meister doesn’t just talk about its values, it lives them. Having experienced different corporate cultures, I was looking for a company with like-minded people and an environment that would help me to grow. Onboarding week was a great introduction to the company; it’s a well-designed process that allows you to mentally arrive at Meister while connecting with fellow Lobsters, and it only confirmed that I’d made the right choice.

What excites you most about your new role at Meister?

Content Marketing is a mix of different disciplines: content production, digital marketing, project management, strategy. So as Content Marketing Lead, I will try to connect everything I’ve learned as a marketer, editor, project manager, university lecturer and leader to develop a content marketing strategy that directly contributes to Meister’s success. 

What do you do to stay focused?

I’m happiest when I find a good balance between spending time with my friends, being in nature, working out, eating healthily and tackling new challenges. Traveling gives me the ultimate sense of freedom, I love hiking, and bouldering has been a game-changer for me in conquering my fear of heights and being able to clear my mind. I’m also an avid reader and got through 166 books in 2021!

Michael Machatschek – Machine Learning Engineer

Quick facts

Nationality German
Previous Job Data Scientist at Accenture
Tell us a fun fact about yourself I am a keen boxer.
Had you used any of Meister’s products before joining the company?

Yes, I first heard about Meister in 2016 when I started using MindMeister for several university projects. So when I heard that Meister was looking for a Machine Learning Engineer, I was really excited about exploring a new job opportunity.

How has your previous experience prepared you for your new role at Meister?

In previous positions I developed end-to-end machine learning solutions for different use cases – mainly focused on natural language processing. As a result I feel well prepared for the challenges ahead in my new role at Meister. I’m excited about getting to work on cutting-edge machine learning solutions together with a group of talented people. My goal for this year is to build on top of what has already been accomplished and bring machine learning prototypes into production to create product value.

What inspires you most?

Apart from being really passionate about AI-related technologies, I love to challenge myself in any kind of sport. My favorite discipline is boxing, which is a great way to boost your physical and mental health.

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Martha Camacho – Customer Success Operations Manager

Quick facts

Nationality Mexican
Previous Job CSM at goUrban
Tell us a fun fact about yourself I am a certified carpenter!
How was your first week at Meister?

During the first week you get a detailed overview of the company, the culture, the people and products, which makes you feel welcome, comfortable and reassured. It’s certainly unlike any other onboarding experience I’ve ever had, so kudos to the People and Culture team!

What skills do you bring to the Meister table?

I spent 10 years with Michelin in Mexico, the last 4 of which as a Customer Service and Logistics Operations Manager. During the past year I worked at a SaaS company in Vienna as a Customer Success Manager. I also have a passion for collecting information and data and then summarizing it in an easy and understandable way, which will help me to contribute to Meister’s data-driven approach. I’m looking forward to starting this new chapter in my life with Meister.

What do you like most about Vienna?

I am definitely a city person and love to walk around and discover new and fun places. I arrived in Vienna at the end of 2020 and fell in love with the city straight away. I’m always up for trying new restaurants or coffee-shops. Although I am originally from Mexico City – so it will be no surprise to hear that I am passionate about good food, tequila, music and dancing!

Sabrina Bachmayr – Learning & Development Specialist

Quick facts

Nationality Austrian
Previous Job L&D Specialist at Octapharma
Tell us a fun fact about yourself My first full-time job was as a flight attendant.
How did you hear about Meister and what made you apply?

I saw the job on LinkedIn and the description instantly made me want to know more about Meister. The job itself was exactly what I was looking for, and during my research I got the impression that Meister’s culture is very open-minded and people-focused. There’s a lot of information on the Meister website and in the Focus blog, which I’d recommend anyone to read before applying.

How was your onboarding experience?

I’ve never seen a company put so much effort and invest so much time in the onboarding experience. I think that’s awesome. I was very excited about my first day, but because I’d been given so much information in advance I wasn’t nervous at all.

What are your biggest goals for the year?

Given my background in psychology, I’m interested in people and what they are dealing with. As part of the People & Culture team, I want to help make Meister not just a great place to work, but the best place to work. In my role as L&D specialist, I’d love to help others unlock their full potential at work and I want to be a part of creating a work environment and culture where employees feel comfortable enough to flourish in their work.

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