Continuing to Grow: Welcome to the Team!

We regularly bring in extraordinary new talent as we continue to strive for excellence. In this post, we welcome our ten newest team members and hear about their first weeks at the company.

Continuing to Grow: Welcome to the Team!

We asked our fresh-faced colleagues in Seattle and Vienna to share what they look forward to achieving in their roles. We’re excited to welcome you on board and to see how you grow at Meister.

Juan Sebastián Suarez Valencia — Data Engineer

Quick facts

Age 36
Nationality French and Colombian
Previous Job Chief Data Officer
Describe your role at Meister in 10 words or fewer. I create data pipelines that provide clear information to analyze.

Tell us about yourself.

I was born in Colombia, but my professional pursuits led me to Paris to study medicine. While there, I thought that medicine could benefit greatly from new technology, and I became passionate about how data could help improve healthcare. I then decided to transition my career to data science. I’m particularly excited about joining the Meister team because I used MindMeister to organize my thoughts as a doctor. I’m very happy to work with the people that made that possible. 

Why did you change your career path?

When I was a full-time doctor, I quickly realized that in order to treat patients better, medical professionals needed access to considerable amounts of data. This wasn’t available at the time, and I wanted to tackle the problem proactively. I started working in data science, and I haven’t looked back.

What were you most excited about when you decided to join Meister?

The company culture excited me most and in particular its very international working environment. Living in Vienna was also an intriguing prospect — I love exploring new countries.

Hannah Wayne — Partner Management Intern

Quick facts

Age 25
Nationality German
Previous Job Teacher
Describe your role at Meister in 10 words or fewer. I create materials that help onboard our partners.

What makes partner management interesting for you?

I consider myself a “people person”, so I’m looking forward to developing strong working relationships with partners and partner organizations. It’s also a good fit for my existing skill set: I’ve been able to apply my education background to create relevant content for our users. 

How would you describe your first days at Meister?

My first few days at Meister were enlightening. While onboarding during a pandemic wasn’t ideal, I still got a great feel for the company, my new coworkers and the projects I now work on. 

What do you hope to accomplish in your internship at Meister? 

I have an awesome opportunity to learn about partner management by collaborating with colleagues across departments. I want to contribute to strategic plans and projects and learn about how my work contributes towards the company’s goals.

Eva Schindler — Partner Manager

Quick facts

Age 26
Nationality Austrian
Previous Job IT Sales Manager
Describe your role at Meister in 10 words or fewer. I establish and maintain relationships with our many great partners.

What did you enjoy most about your previous role?

I enjoyed getting to know many different people with varied backgrounds, skills and experiences. I loved working closely with a team that drove the company forward. 

How would you describe your working style?

I’m a firm believer in the 80/20 rule, so I never lose sight of how my daily work contributes to the bigger picture. I like collaborating with others and learning how they approach different tasks and projects. I also love getting to know the people I work with beyond their roles as many of my colleagues are fantastic individuals as well as professionals.

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on so far at Meister? Why?

I’m currently searching for new partners who love working with our tools and want to spread the word about them, which has been great fun so far. I find great joy in hearing partners say that they love a particular feature in one of our products or that they work with MeisterTask or MindMeister every day.

Barbara Wohlsein — Senior Content Writer (German)

Quick facts

Age 39
Nationality Austrian
Previous Job Content Writer
Describe your role at Meister in 10 words or fewer. I write and edit German content and translations.

What is your defining characteristic?

I have an eye for details and nuances, which comes in handy when I’m editing texts. I also love to play with language and analyze other writers’ styles.

What inspired you to become a writer?

I always loved reading and writing. My endless curiosity led me to pursue journalism as a career. Through my job at a publishing house, where I also had to write for corporate magazines, I found that I really enjoy writing content for brands and organisations. After some time in the media industry, I took a year off to learn new skills, and soon after I began writing for the online magazine at the University of Vienna.

What convinced you to join Meister?

The company’s sustainable approach to growth and focus on work-life balance convinced me to join the team. I was also intrigued by Meister’s products and famous work culture.

Clara Finke — Product Marketing Intern

Quick facts

Age 23
Nationality German
Previous Job Management Consulting Intern
Describe your role at Meister in 10 words or fewer. I identify markets and competitors and develop campaigns.

What do you want to learn during your internship?

I am excited to learn more about the SaaS industry. I’m also looking forward to learning from my colleagues and eventually working on my own projects.

How did you prepare for your interview at Meister?

In addition to my research about the company, I boosted my marketing knowledge and brainstormed some project ideas that I could work on at Meister. 

Did you use Meister’s products before starting your internship?

Actually, I did not. This now seems incomprehensible to me, as I use them constantly. I organize my tasks and projects in MeisterTask and keep an overview in MindMeister.

Katharina Brandl — Talent Acquisition Manager (Commercial)

Quick facts

Age 24
Nationality Austrian
Previous Job HR Trainee Recruiting
Describe your role at Meister in 10 words or fewer. I attract and recruit people for our commercial departments.

How would you explain your job to someone you’ve never met?

I find the right candidates for our commercial departments at Meister. This means getting to know a lot of interesting and motivated people through interviews. I need to understand Meister’s work culture and each candidate’s expectations for their potential roles. When they align, they hopefully join our team and excel at Meister.

Why did you decide to join Meister?

The work culture was the deciding factor. From the first time I spoke with the People & Culture team, I saw that Meister’s team really lives up to the company’s values. Everyone is enthusiastic about our products, and the company fosters close collaboration across departments.

What would you say is your favorite part of life at Meister so far?

The company’s team spirit, its startup culture and everyone’s openness are my favorite aspects so far. I felt like I worked in a big family from day one. Everyone values each other’s opinion and supports each other to reach their potential. Everyone is open to help and share their experiences with you.

Liis Monson — Product Manager

Quick facts

Age 38
Nationality Estonian
Previous Job Director, Flight Data and Quality
Describe your role at Meister in 10 words or fewer. I help build the best project and task management tool.

How did you find out about Meister?

I was searching for the best agile and innovative tech companies to work for in Vienna and stumbled across Meister’s ad on Linkedin. I quickly realized I had used MindMeister in previous roles during brainstorming sessions.

How was your onboarding experience?

This was the best onboarding experience I’ve ever had, despite the challenging pandemic restrictions. The People & Culture team did a fantastic job.

Tell us why you chose to join Meister in 50 words or fewer.

I like building products that help people in meaningful ways. As MeisterTask helps teams collaborate more effectively and be more productive, it was a perfect match. I was also happy to see that the company’s values aligned with my own.

Sebastian Pollross — Business Development Intern

Quick facts

Age 23
Nationality Austrian
Previous Job Management Consulting Intern
Describe your role at Meister in 10 words or fewer. I identify new customers and markets for our Sales team.

What excites you about Business Development?

Every market is different, as too are the customers within that market. It’s exciting to define customers’ needs and show them how our products help them. I’m deeply passionate about expanding our customer base, as is the rest of our Business Development and Sales team.

Have you defined a goal for your internship? If so, what is it?

I have two goals: I want to design and roll out a successful sales campaign and close customer orders independently.

Describe Meister in five words.

Family, growth, tool usability, excellence.

Thais Lemes — Customer Success Manager

Quick facts

Age 33
Nationality Brazilian
Previous Job Nanny and Student
Describe your role at Meister in 10 words or fewer. Ensure customers have a positive experience when using our products.

Why did you choose to join our Customer Success team?

In previous jobs, I was recognized for building great rapport with customers. I wanted to help people understand how technology can help their lives or business. As a Customer Success Manager, it’s my job to make sure our customers see value in our product, which I’m excited to do wholeheartedly. Also, I’m very interested in communicating with people around the world.

What was your favorite previous role?

My favorite previous role was actually my first job. I assisted a Brazilian government program called Luz Para Todos (Lights for All), which sought to bring electricity to rural areas. Even though my part on this project was small, it was great to see how many families I helped meet basic needs.

What excites you about your new role?

I’m excited to make sure our customers continue to enjoy using our products. I’m also excited to work with customers in Brazil and help grow the company’s presence in the country.

Zsuzsanna Kensell — Customer Success Manager

Quick facts

Age 32
Nationality Hungarian
Previous Job Stay-at-Home Parent
Describe your role at Meister in 10 words or fewer. Ensure customers have a positive experience when using our products.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love everything about art, and I enjoy staring at the ocean or clouds while listening to my favorite music. 

What steps did you take to prepare for your role? 

I researched the company, read the website thoroughly and downloaded the applications on my phone to get to know MeisterTask and MindMeister. 

What do you think makes Meister unique?  

Meister’s team is so driven. It’s great to be in a team of like-minded people.

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