German State Bank LBBW Uses MeisterTask for Agile Task Management (Success Story)

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At the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW), more than 2,900 employees use MeisterTask to manage projects and tasks on a daily basis. We talked to LBBW’s IT Project Manager, Katja Esch, to learn more about the bank’s pursuit of staying agile.

German State Bank LBBW Uses MeisterTask for Agile Task Management (Success Story)

LBBW is a universal bank with more than 10,000 employees. It provides services to companies, retail and institutional customers, and savings banks. Although the bank has deep roots in Baden-Württemberg, it is also present in a number of economic and financial hubs worldwide.

Large enterprises in fields such as finance are not generally known for employing modern software solutions and an agile approach to work management. Yet, future-oriented LBBW is doing exactly that. IT Project Manager Katja Esch explains:

“The idea to use a collaborative task management tool first came up during an Open Space Event focusing on agile work. It was our goal to make collaboration within and across our departments not only more efficient, but also more transparent.”

After thoroughly researching the software market, LBBW settled on MeisterTask as their new task management tool.

“Aside from its intuitive user interface, MeisterTask’s server location was a deciding factor for us. The security of our data is of utmost priority. With MeisterTask, we know that our data is stored in Germany and protected by rigorous security and privacy measures.”

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Simple, Painless Onboarding

Once the decision had been made, LBBW sought to onboard its employees as quickly as possible. To this end, the company uploaded MeisterTask’s user guide to their intranet alongside a few personal guidelines and links to tutorial videos on YouTube. Within a few weeks, more than 2,900 employees were able to get productive with MeisterTask. No expensive and time-consuming product training required.

Kanban, Scrum and More

LBBW’s employees use MeisterTask for all kinds of small and medium-sized projects as well as for their day-to-day task management. For some projects, large Kanban boards are created, while other teams work within a Scrum framework.

As a web-based tool, MeisterTask facilitates real-time collaboration between team members, no matter where they are located. As such, it is ideally suited for interdisciplinary and cross-functional teams, such as LBBW’s agile coaches.

“Our 15 agile coaches use a Kanban board in MeisterTask to work together. Here, they create new tasks for seminar requests and take those tasks through various stages from planning to completion. There’s no need for a team leader to assign tasks — instead, each coach simply assigns tasks to themselves when they are free to take them on. Additionally, coaches outline concepts for agile work and use MeisterTask to share them with their colleagues.”

Using MeisterTask’s automations, the teams at LBBW work even more efficiently. Many employees, for instance, use the email automation to keep colleagues in the loop about project progress. The company also makes use of the security restrictions offered by MeisterTask’s Business plan to ensure that projects cannot be shared with unauthorized persons and data can’t fall into the wrong hands.

Effective Teamwork and Communication

LBBW has been successfully using MeisterTask since May 2018. As Katja Esch shared with us:

“MeisterTask has created more transparency within our projects. We save time by going to fewer meetings, and meeting minutes have become mostly obsolete. Thanks to MeisterTask we collaborate and communicate more effectively.

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