MeisterTask Provides Visibility Without Micromanagement for CAD Managers

Computer Aided Design (CAD) managers wear many hats. Beside their various managerial responsibilities, such as workload scheduling and managing staff, their days are filled with reviewing drawings, building standards, troubleshooting CAD-related issues and more. To stay on top of all these tasks and keep upper management in the loop without any extra effort, CAD managers can use MeisterTask.

MeisterTask Provides Visibility Without Micromanagement for CAD Managers

What Is MeisterTask?

MeisterTask is a an intuitive online task manager that visualizes tasks in Kanban-style project boards. CAD managers can share projects with staff for easy task assigning, as well as with upper management, to provide them with a bird’s-eye view of everything that’s going on.

Demo Project

“CAD managers and admins wear many different hats and usually end up doing a ton of different things on any given day,” explains Jisell Howe, AutoCAD Certified CAD Administrator at Uponor. “That’s why my boss suggested I look into using an app that would provide more visibility to that.”

After doing some research, Jisell quickly settled on MeisterTask. “I love the Kanban card system because I can drag and drop cards to different sections based on where a task is at any point,” she explains. “I also like how each card represents a task/idea, and that supporting details can all be stored inside those cards. This way, I’m able to show things at a big picture level, while I can focus on the task at hand. It’s easy to implement and maintain. It’s great!”

Task Dialog (Demo)

In contrast to other Kanban-based task managers, MeisterTask not only visualizes workflows but also automates them. Here are a few examples of task automations CAD managers can set up:

  • Get notified via Slack or email when a new drawing is ready for review
  • Start the time tracking when a task is moved into the “In Progress” section
  • Send an email to upper management when a task has been completed
  • Automatically assign tasks to responsible team members

Ready to get started? MeisterTask Basic is free to use and offers unlimited projects, tasks and collaborators. To get automations, integrations, and other power features, you can upgrade to one of MeisterTask’s premium plans anytime.

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