Welcoming Our New Team Members: Abbie, Hans, David and Pilar

This post was updated on May 13, 2020.

It feels like every other week that we’re writing one of these posts, but with two growing products to develop, there’s a lot to do at Meister HQ! Fortunately, we’ve found the team to do it 🙂 This week, we’re welcoming another four new team members across support, development and DevOps. Here’s what Abbie, Hans, David and Pilar bring to our team…

welcoming our new team members

Abbie Wise – Support

Abbie Wise MeisterLabs

My Background

After receiving my degree in Sculpture from the Maryland Institute College of Art, I started my career in tech through an apprenticeship program in Seattle. I have experience supporting a whole range of software and hardware and am working on my Linux certification. I’m passionate about the intersection between people and technology and love to engage people about the technology they use and how they use it.

My Role at Meister

I’ll be joining the support team from the Seattle office. I’ll be helping our customers get the most out of our tools, from explaining how to use current features to exploring the possibility of new features and everything in between.

About Me

You can usually find me hiking or riding my bike on the weekends. I always have at least one or two knitting projects going and I really should stop buying so much yarn.

Hans Schnedlitz – Backend Development

Hans-Joerg Schnedlitz MeisterLabs

My Background:

I started out studying Technical Mathematics at Vienna University of Technology. After some years studying mathematics, I figured out that I was only ever really interested in the computer science part, so I left university to earn some real-life experience in the sector. I first spent some years working as a consultant/developer with C#, before returning to university to study Software Engineering.

During the last couple of years, I worked as a tutor as well as as a Java developer. When MeisterLabs offered me a position as a Backend Developer, the decision to join and add Ruby to my arsenal was an easy one to make.

My Role at Meister

At Meister I’ll be mostly working on improving and extending the existing API. Currently, I’m developing an internal application to be used by our Support Team 🙂

About Me:

When I’m not coding at work, I’m usually coding at home, working on some silly side project. I don’t binge on TV series, but I do binge on computer games: If I get hooked on a game you’ll have a hard time separating me from the screen until I beat it. I also have some hobbies that don’t depend on a computer: I really enjoy bouldering, reading a good book and cooking.

David Jöch – Frontend Development

David jöch meisterlabs

My Background

I graduated from Higher Technical College in St.Pölten a couple of years ago and decided I wanted to start working right away. So, I moved from Lower-Austria to Vienna for my first job where I did full-stack development over a number of different projects.

During that time, I became particularly interested in front-end development and UI/UX design, so began learning as much as I could about everything front-end related.

Recently, I decided to take on a new challenge and join Meister to help build awesome products and learn even more about front-end development!

My Role at Meister

This September, I joined the MeisterTask team, where I fix bugs and develop new features in the web application as a front-end developer.

About Me

I am really passionate about any kind of activity that involves some sort of creativity. Most of all I love making music! I play five different musical instruments and after playing in many different bands in the past, I am still part of a rock band today. Other than that, I really enjoy reading, cooking and skiing in the winter!

Pilar Andrea Huidobro Peltier – DevOps

Pilar MeisterLabs

My Background

Originally from Santiago, Chile, I moved to Austria 18 years ago and to Vienna last year (yay!) I started my career in genetics, having studied it at the University of Vienna, but I made the move to computer science 3 years ago, and I could not be happier! Since then, the tech community has pretty much been my life. It’s what drives my passion to stay in the industry. I love helping others to get into tech and fall in love with tech as much as I have!

My Role at Meister

This October, I joined Patrick to form the DevOps department! As such, we’re working together to make sure that all our developers’ hard work is available to our wonderful users, as often as possible. So far it’s been great getting to work with fun technologies like Docker and the Google Cloud Platform, so I’m looking forward to what’s yet to come!

About Me

I’m a huge dog fan, especially of my Sharpei, Mochi, and love books too – I aspire to someday have a library like Belle’s in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! I’m also a huge fan of video games, like Majora’s Mask and Earthbound. One reason that I really enjoy being part of the tech community is that I love making sure everyone is happy and included – I will gladly go to a meetup or conference with you and be your friend (especially if you buy me sweets 😉).

So these are the four latest additions to the Meister team. If you want to take a closer look at how we work, you can follow us on Instagram, and if you’re thinking of joining our amazing team yourself, you can check out our open positions here!