What to Expect When Joining a Tech Scale-up: New Team Members Have Their Say

We’re always excited to welcome talented people whose unique skills, experience and creativity make a difference. That’s why we love to share their stories. Yinyin Li, Meister’s People Operations Manager, sat down with our newest recruits to find out more about their journeys to Meister, first impressions and expectations. Excited? Let’s meet them!

What to Expect When Joining a Tech Scale-up: New Team Members Have Their Say

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Business Intelligence and Engineering

Felipe, Caspar, Antara

Yinyin: Felipe, you’re joining us as a Data Engineer, Antara and Caspar as Data Analysts. How do you see yourselves contributing to Meister’s data-driven approach?

Antara: I’ve worked in many roles that link data and business. I have a good instinct for what makes products and businesses successful. With my data and analytical skills, I think I can generate quality business intelligence that will help Meister grow.

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Felipe: I hope to help Meister to grow by establishing high standards and best practices in data engineering. I want to work with the team to make high-quality data available as quickly as possible.

Caspar: My experience in product analytics means I can deliver a variety of insights. I’m looking forward to working with the product management team to turn those insights into actions.

Yinyin: Antara and Felipe, you’ve both relocated to Europe from different continents. What’s that been like?

Antara: Moving from India to Germany has been quite an adventure. The administrative side is challenging, but I’ve had plenty of help settling into a new culture. I am also planning to learn German as soon as possible!

Yinyin: Meister can help you with that, too!

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Felipe: I moved from Brazil to Lisbon, so speaking Portuguese really helps. It’s easier to meet locals and to bond with them. There’s also a large Brazilian community here in Portugal. 

Yinyin: Caspar, I hear you’re quite the history buff? Any particular era or aspect?

Caspar: I am! But it’s hard to narrow it down. I’d have to say the era around the turn of the last century, so around 1870 to perhaps the end of the first World War. Why? Because it was an incredibly turbulent time for technology and the way it influenced all aspects of life.


Ionut, Uroosa, Pierre

Yinyin: You’re all going to be working on Meister’s mobile apps. How prepared are you for your new roles at Meister?

Uroosa: I did a BA in Engineering and an MBA in interdisciplinary management, which piqued my curiosity for Product Management in IT. I got to learn how startups function and how a Product Manager is at the core of this process. So I’m excited about my new role as Product Manager Mobile!

Ionut: Strangely enough, I think my brief stint in architecture will have quite a big impact on what I’ll be doing at Meister. It taught me how to break down intricate designs into simple geometries before focusing on the finer details. In previous Quality Assurance roles, I learned how simple designs can spiral. Less is more! As a Mobile Quality Assurance Engineer, I’ll be applying these principles to product testing.

Pierre: I think working in multicultural environments, including a few years in Asia, has prepared me well for Meister. The cultural diversity among my own team is impressive and I love that. I also have years of experience designing enterprise and consumer UX on mobile.

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Yinyin: When you’re not dreaming up new ways to make our mobile experience better, how do you like to recharge your batteries? 

Ionut: I’m a keen amateur bartender… always thinking of the next new cocktail. My current project? It might taste like past lives or lost loves. Or it might just taste plain awful…

Yinyin: Maybe I’ll give it a try at the next Meister event! Pierre and Uroosa, are you as creative as Ionut?

Pierre: I do have an artistic side. In fact, I spent some time at culinary school in France. The experience was short-lived, though, because I quickly realized that the military style of French culinary schools wasn’t for me! On the other hand, I was really into tech and computers. I spent most of my youth on Macs, playing with old versions of Photoshop and Illustrator. So that gave me an idea! I knew that design in tech was the future, even if I didn’t realize at the time how much screens would come to dominate our lives. 

Uroosa: My passion is cosmology. I discovered Carl Sagan’s ”Pale Blue Dot” and it changed my life. A lot of who I am comes from my understanding of the cosmos and our place in it. I find it the most humbling and character building experience. It underscores the rarity of Earth and preciousness of life upon it. I think the understanding of how we came to be is a fundamental question and we can look towards astronomy and astrophysics to answer it. 

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Sales and Marketing

Aline, Sanja

Yinyin: Sales and Marketing, friends or foes?! How do you envisage working beautifully together here at Meister?

Aline: Sales and Marketing (Lead Generation in this case) are two areas that can’t exist without each other. I’m an Account Executive at Meister and I’m so grateful to have such a strong counterpart in Sanja in Lead Generation. Sanja and I joined Meister at the same time and we knew that a regular exchange would be key. 

Sanja: Our sales and marketing teams are well aligned, so we can really reap the benefits. Smarketing (Sales + Marketing) is an opportunity to boost growth, and I am thrilled to have joined a company that recognizes this potential. The opportunity to work alongside and learn from passionate, experienced sellers like Aline is the cherry on the cake for me. By combining our forces and expertise, I feel that our goals are attainable. And I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun getting there! 

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Yinyin: That’s wonderful to hear, and we can’t wait to see what you achieve together. Do you also share similar hobbies and passions?

Aline: My passions are influenced quite a lot by my French, Spanish and Austrian roots, which inspire my passion for food. All three countries are known for their cuisine, even though they are very different, and you can spend hours and a lot of money eating out! 

Sanja: I’m naturally curious and drawn to new places, experiences and adventures. I love exploring new countries and cultures and taking on new challenges. Whether it’s hiking in beautiful Austria, throwing a mean punch at a boxing bag, ice-cold showers (I do not recommend) in the morning or trying and failing miserably at surfing, there is always something to be learned by stepping out of your comfort zone.

People and Culture and Business Operations

Sofia, Nathalie

Yinyin: You two were onboarding buddies and make a great team, even though you’re from different departments. How did you find onboarding week at Meister?

Nathalie: Onboarding week was amazing and a great way to find your feet quickly in a new environment. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. The buddy program rounds off the onboarding experience nicely, it’s great that you can always turn to someone outside of your team and ask for advice. 

Sofia: I totally agree. Knowing that there’s someone else – beyond the onboarding team – who is there for you is reassuring and makes you feel like you already know someone. Onboarding week is also very personalized, considerate and professional. The buddy program and the thought that goes into it make for a beautifully complete onboarding experience at Meister.

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Yinyin: Nathalie, you previously worked in a law firm. Are you excited about using your legal skills in a software environment?

Nathalie: Yes, I am! I’m also looking forward to diving deeper into the technical aspects and coupling that with my legal knowledge. I was already very interested in this field at a young age and also tried my hand at website programming. Compared to working in a law firm, Meister will certainly be different. As a lawyer, you’re often faced with problems that could have been prevented in advance. Identifying problems before they happen and finding the best legal solution is both exciting and challenging. 

Yinyin: Sofia, you strike me as quite philosophical, is that a fair assessment?

Sofia: Yes, I’m a great believer in what I call “moments of joy”. It’s a philosophy for life. It’s not necessarily about great or defining moments. Rather, it is about the small, beautiful moments you experience every day. Whether it’s the sunshine in the morning, a hug from a friend or the unexpected smile of a stranger in the metro. 

Product Management


Yinyin: Welcome, Anton! You have a passion for psychology. Does that mean a talent for user empathy?

Anton: Product management often comes down to a careful balancing act between user needs and business goals. A firm knowledge of human psychology and empathy for users’ pain points will help me understand where we should be focusing or how we should adjust our product.

Yinyin: You have an interesting and varied background: what led you to become a product manager?

Anton: The most honest answer would be “a lot of luck”… being in the right places at the right times. There were a couple of other things that led me down the path to becoming a PM. I am always willing to take responsibility for the end results, so as a UX Designer I always wanted to see how the designs I produced held up in real life. As a PM, I balance user expectations against long-term effects and adjust our products based on their feedback.

Yinyin: Thank you for sharing! We’re excited to see where your Meister journeys take you next!

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