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MeisterTask integrates with your favorite online apps to automate workflows and ensure smooth, productive work days.


Brainstorm and outline your projects before turning them into MeisterTask project boards. Exported tasks and related information are automatically synced.


Send activity messages to Slack from Automations and add tasks directly from your Slack channel. When inserting task you can specify description, assignee, and checklist items using a simple syntax.


Connect your project to Zendesk to automatically create tasks from your incoming tickets. After completion of the task the ticket in Zendesk is updated with a private comment.


Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service solution. Providing help desk support via smart automations, Freshdesk helps support teams to get things done faster. Via the integration, you can create MeisterTask tasks straight from Freshdesk and link the tasks back to their corresponding tickets, which makes following status changes and task conversations simple and quick.


Spark is a collaborative email app for teams. Connect MeisterTask with Spark to export emails as tasks at the click of a button and insert them into the project and section of your choice.


Timely is a fully automatic time tracking app, powered by AI. Once you've created the connection, all the time you spend managing tasks in MeisterTask will automatically appear in Timely.


Auto-complete tasks when committing in Github with a special commit message. The task activity then contains a link back to the respective commit in GitHub.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that’s part of Office 365. Add MeisterTask as a tab to any of your channels to manage tasks and projects right next to your conversations!

Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups enable teams to get work done by establishing a single hub across all Office 365 apps. Using a MeisterTask Section Action, you can keep members of your Office 365 Groups in the loop about task status changes at all times.


Bugsnag provides software teams with an automated crash detection platform. Automatically create tasks in MeisterTask from new or recurring issues in your Bugsnag account. The task will then store a reference back to Bugsnag, allowing for a simpler bug fixing process.

Automate by Zapier

Connect MeisterTask with 1000+ web apps and create zaps using an intuitive interface to automate your tasks. Now also supporting multi-step zaps for even more powerful workflows!

MeisterTask for Gmail

Our Gmail add-on turns emails into tasks and inserts them in the project and section of your choice. Try out

G Suite

Installing MeisterTask from the G Suite Marketplace will allow you to log in using your G Suite domain and will activate a 30-day Pro trial.

Hangouts Chat

Using the MeisterTask bot you can link projects in your MeisterTask account with individual rooms in Hangouts Chat. Once you’ve linked a project with a room, you can create new tasks in the room via simple text commands.


Confluence is Atlassian's popular team collaboration software. Simply paste your MeisterTask links into a Confluence page to include a dynamic table of your project with statuses, assignees and links to the original tasks.


Auto-complete tasks when committing code in Bitbucket with a special commit message. The task activity then contains a link back to the respective commit in Bitbucket.

Google Drive

Attach files from Google Drive directly to a MeisterTask task using the Drive picker. A permanent link to the latest version of the Drive document will be created.


Attach files from Dropbox directly to a MeisterTask task using the Dropbox picker. A permanent link to the latest version of the Dropbox document will be created.


Attach files from box directly to a MeisterTask task using the box picker. A permanent link to the latest version of the box document will be created.


IFTTT lets you connect the apps and devices you use every day. The IFTTT integration can automatically create tasks in your MeisterTask projects, or you can trigger IFTTT actions when new tasks are created or assigned to you.


MeisterTask for Outlook enables you to turn emails into tasks without leaving your inbox. This Add-in works in Outlook 2013 or later, Outlook 2016 for Mac, Outlook on the Web, as well as Outlook for iOS and Android. You must have an Office365, Exchange, or account to use this add-in.


In MeisterTask you can now create new tasks easily, by sending an email. Your subject will be the title of the task, the email content will be the description.


Connect your Harvest account with MeisterTask to track time and create linked time sheets.

PomoDone App

PomoDone App is a time tracker that integrates with MeisterTask so you can track the time you spend on tasks via the popular Pomodoro technique. The tracked time is then also synced back to MeisterTask.


Mailbutler is a 'personal assistant' for your inbox. The app works with Gmail and Apple Mail. Connect Mailbutler with MeisterTask to easily export and sync email tasks with your project boards!


MOCO is a business software for agencies and consultants located in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Track your time in MeisterTask on tasks — it will automatically be synced with MOCO. Even more workflows can be created via Zapier and the API.


Paperform is a powerful online form builder that enables anyone to create beautiful forms, product and payment pages. With this MeisterTask integration, you can create new tasks in MeisterTask automatically from new Paperform form submissions.

Integrations via Zapier

Connect MeisterTask with 1000+ web apps and create zaps using an intuitive interface to automate your tasks.


Evernote is a cross-platform app designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving. With the Zapier integration of both products you could for instance create new tasks for each newly created note in a certain Evernote notebook.


Buffer is a social media management platform for marketers and agencies. You can set up an automation to turn Buffer items into MeisterTask tasks using Zapier. This is a great way to create follow-up tasks after you’ve shared content on your social channels.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar lets you organize your schedule and share events with co-workers and friends. Connect your tasks and watch as they become synchronized events in your calendar.


JIRA is an issue and project tracking tool for development teams. Using Zapier you can set up automations to turn JIRA issues into MeisterTask tasks or turn tasks into issues.


Toggl offers a simple online timer that lets you track the time you spend on tasks and easily calculate time sheets. Using Zapier you can set up an automation to always create a new Toggl project when a new MeisterTask project is created.


The Zapier Chrome Extension (called “Push“) is a button that lives in your Chrome bar and lets you create new MeisterTask tasks from anywhere on the web.


SimpleTexting provides text marketing services for organizations of all sizes. Using Zapier, you can connect SimpleTexting to MeisterTask to turn messages into tasks, trigger messages from MeisterTask, and more.


SharpSpring is a highly-rated global provider of affordable, cloud-based marketing automation. Using Zapier, you can transform your SharpSpring notifications into MeisterTask tasks.

noCRM is a cloud-based lead management software that helps you close deals efficiently. The Zapier integration enables you to automatically create new MeisterTask tasks from noCRM leads.

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