3 Productivity Hacks for Using Dropbox and MeisterTask Together

This post was updated on July 5, 2022.

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Using MeisterTask and Dropbox? Wasting time searching for files that could help speed up your tasks? Then this post for you! We present three brilliant ways  to connect and use these two great tools together, boosting productivity for your team. Task management and file sharing have never been more efficient!

3 Productivity Hacks for Using Dropbox and MeisterTask Together

Dropbox is a great solution for keeping your files in order. MeisterTask is a perfect task management system for organizing and streamlining your team’s to-dos. By integrating the two, you can ensure that whenever you need to add files to your task and projects, nothing gets lost and nothing is forgotten. Let’s explore the best productivity hacks of the MeisterTask + Dropbox integration.

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1. Easy Attachments via The MeisterTask Attachment Picker

If you’ve got important files in Dropbox, you can attach them to any MeisterTask task using the attachment picker. Select Dropbox from the available destination options, log in to your Dropbox account, choose the file you’d like to add and Bob’s your uncle! Your file will be available as an attachment in your task for other members of your team to download, view, interact with and more.

2. Automatically Add Files to Tasks

You can add attachments or files automatically to your MeisterTask task with the help of Zapier. Create a free Zapier account that’ll allow you to easily integrate your Dropbox and MeisterTask accounts so that you can start making Zaps. Then create a Zap that will be triggered every time a new file is added to your chosen Dropbox folder.

The result: Whenever you add something to your Dropbox folder, it’ll be uploaded automatically to the task of your choice!

Read more about how you can use MeisterTask and Zapier together.

3. Link to Dropbox Documents in the Task Description

Need everyone to have quick access to a document you’re working on? You can paste the Dropbox link to it straight into your MeisterTask task’s description. Everyone watching that task will have access to your document (provided that you’ve given them the adequate Dropbox permissions).

No need to send out a separate mail all relevant information and data can be stored in one central place. This also means that everyone working on your document will have access to the most recent, updated version. 

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All of MeisterTask’s integrations help your team work better with other tools. With these Dropbox hacks, you’ll reduce the time spent searching for files and have more time for the really productive work.

You can access unlimited integrations when you upgrade to MeisterTask Pro. From Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace to Slack and more, you’ll turn your team into a productivity machine in no time.

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