1000th User, and Another Update

Last night we celebrated the 1000th beta tester on MindMeister, and of course minutes later had to start the first tuning measures – we apologise if the server was a bit slow at times and you got the infamous “Communicating with server” message. We’re working on it ūüėČ

FOCUS Featured Image (Default)

Also, we’ve just deployed another update which should fix a few more issues – have a look at the changelog for details (sorry, registered users only).

Meanwhile, we are working on some features that have been requested by a lot of beta testers in the 200 or so feedback messages that we have received so far – such as zoom in and out, auto-arrange branches (and avoid overlaps), export as MindManager / Freemind, as well as minor stuff such as print, toggle background, more icons, hyperlinks etc. Thanks again to everybody for their feedback and apologies again if we can’t respond to everybody personally¬†– we assure you that your comments are not being ignored!