Updates, and a New Server

As some of you will have noticed we were offline this morning for an hour or so, when we moved MindMeister over to new server hardware with quite a bit more “oomph”. We’re glad that so many people use MindMeister and want to give everybody a really good user experience.

FOCUS Featured Image (Default)

At the same time, we’ve also deployed a couple of new features, some of which people have been requesting for a while. Here’s a small list:

  • Ability to assign multiple icons
  • Icons groups (click to advance to next in group)
  • Copy branch as text outline
  • see details…

People have also been asking for more licensing options, so we’ve made a few additions there too, such as the ability to sponsor Premium Memberships for othersĀ and license packages for businesses and resellers.

Please note: these pricing options are not up to date. Please visit mindmeister.com/pricing for details on all available licenses.

Also, stay tuned for another update with a few more mapping features, such as links between nodes as well as a solution to the infamous overlapping branch issue!