Changes to SMS Notifications

Please note: this article was last updated in 2008 so it’s likely that some of the content will be outdated. For current information regarding MindMeister notifications, please visit 🙂

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Some of you might have heard about Twitter‘s announcement to terminate SMS-services outside of USA, Canada, and India.

Why does this matter for MindMeister users? We adopted Twitter’s API as a way to notify you via SMS of updates to your mind maps. Our thanks go to Twitter for allowing us to deploy this service quickly. However, it looks like the SMS features will subsequently end when Twitter ends this service.

But don’t panic, you will still get notified of map changes via Twitter or email. It’s only the SMS forwarding that’s missing.

And as long as you are based in a Twitter supported country – and they are working to get more and more operators to cooperate – the service will continue to work.

We are already thinking about alternative ways to support SMS notifications, though as you can read – even for well-funded firms like Twitter – paying the SMS bills is quite something. So if you have any ideas how to support SMS notifications please share them with us!

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