Introducing the MindMeister Integration

Please note: this article was last updated in 2008 so may not be up-to-date. For the latest information on MindMeister’s integration with and other platforms, please visit

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This one comes just in time for Christmas. As you know, the MindMeister API exposes pretty much all of our functions for programmatic usage from within other apps. We’ve done first integration projects with other service providers already a while ago, e.g. with atoolo.

We’re particularly happy to announce the integration of MindMeister in, in our opinion the most appealing online file management service, and one of the coolest software-as-a-service pioneers. They were the first to offer editing services for their customers’ files right in the browser. But let’s let them talk:

“MindMeister makes an excellent addition to’s OpenBox platform,” says Karen Appleton, VP of Business Development at “’s collaboration and content solution provides the best experience for storing, managing and sharing your files. MindMeister gives our 2 million users the additional benefit of creating and sharing mind maps from any folder or file in their Box account, maximizing time and increasing productivity.

The integration uses the much-improved Embed API in MindMeister 3.0 which allows other services to piggyback on MindMeister without any cumbersome REST programming. All data is saved on the servers in the MindMeister (.mind) format, but aMindManagerTM and Freemind files can also be edited.