MindMeister 3.1 Christmas Release: Introducing Connections

Please note: this article was last updated in 2008 and MindMeister has developed quite a bit since then. For the latest information on product updates, please visit our blog homepage at focus.meisterlabs.com

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Just in time for Christmas, we managed to finish our latest release, MindMeister 3.1. Phew. The major new feature in it is the introduction of graphical connections between ideas – many of you have asked for them, so we decided could not put this feature off any longer and until yesterday we have one of our JavaScript gurus locked in a room with just a notebook and the Encyclopedia of Bezier and B-spline Techniques.

He said there were many technical difficulties to overcome, so please bear with us if not everything works quite as expected yet – we’re working on it!

We also added a few other new features in this release, please see details below or check out the list in the obligatory What’s New in MindMeister 3 mind map.

  • Graphical cross-connections

    You can now add graphical cross-connections between your ideas in your mind maps, which will be displayed as green arrows. This feature is still beta, so please be kind. We’ll add more functionality here in future, such as control points and formatting.

  • Mark & nudge inactive users

    Collaborators who haven’t visited a mind map yet since it was shared with them are now marked with a coffee cup icon in the Share dialog. Clicking the icon allows you to send another email to those users, reminding them to contribute (“Nudge” feature).

  • Alphabetize subnodes

    We’ve cleaned up the node context menu a bit and added a function to sort the children of a node alphabetically, at the click of a button. A small but hopefully useful function.

  • Select maps to take offline

    No longer do you have to wait endlessly for all of your maps to sync when you go to offline mode – a new dialog allows you to choose which maps you want to take offline. Very useful if you have a lot of them!

  • Other enhancements

    Ability to skip share emails, withdraw from shared maps using the “Delete” function, improved invitation system, and of course the odd bugfix. See all changes since MindMeister 3.0 in the What’s New mind map.