MindMeister on the BBC!

We’re thrilled to share that last weekend, MindMeister was featured on the BBC’s technology show Click, which aired several times.

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We noticed a huge surge in sign-ups on Saturday and Sunday, which are usually fairly quiet days, and we were rather chuffed when we found out the reason.

Kate Russell mentions MindMeister as the first site in her latest selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web in the Webscape section of Click. She refers to it as a “beautifully simple mind-mapping tool“, and “totally intuitive, as it has no mess or clutter from fancy frills“. See the entire piece online plus full transcript.

I tried to catch the last airing of Webscape yesterday on BBC World but unfortunately (for us, not for American stem cell researchers) the show was interrupted before the MindMeister piece, due to a breaking news announcement from President Obama. Ah well.