MindMeister on XING

XING, Europe’s largest business networking site – the LinkedIn of Europe if you will – has just launched its own OpenSocial API, as reported by Techcrunch and others. As you can see (and may have guessed by now), MindMeister is one of 13 launch applications of XING’s new Partner Ecosystem.¬†

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From today, 7.5 million XING users will be able to add the MindMeister app at the click of a button to their home screen and start creating and sharing mind maps with their XING contact network.

We’ve been working on the integration for a few months now and thankfully finished in time for the launch, overcoming all kinds of technical and artistic issues (for instance, how do you combine the MindMeister Blue & Pink with XING’s green tones in a non-offensive way?).

There’s a dedicated “Templates” tab on the XING app that allows users to clone predefined template maps to their account. Templates are available for personal task management, meeting minutes, creation of a business plan or even making a SWOT analysis. There’s even a template map for creating your resum√© as a mind map and then adding it to your public XING profile.

Existing MindMeister users can connect their account to XING and manage all their mind maps from the XING desktop. Also, all XING members get pretty nice discounts if they buy a full membership at MindMeister – 20% for XING premium users, 10% for free account holders. Read the full press release here.

Please note: this article was last updated in 2009 so the contents and discount codes may now be expired. For the latest product update news and discount announcements, please visit the blog homepage at focus.meisterlabs.com