Introducing Free Geistesblitz App for iPhone & iPod Touch

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Post-It notes are great for jotting down ideas, one-liners, and reminders to grab some milk on the way home, but they do have limitations. How many times have you dashed down a thought or idea on a post-it, cocktail napkin, or scrap sheet of paper, only to go searching for it hours or days later? I’m fairly certain we can all relate to this situation. Enter, Geistesblitz.

Much more than just a note-taking tool, our new free iPhone application, Geistesblitz brings a whole new level to your ‘flashes of genius’ with on the spot submissions, and online organization and storage. Users can create a free MindMeister account from within the application, and begin organizing thoughts-on-the-go instantly.

GEISTESBLITZ, (noun, m.) [‘gæstes blîts]:
literally translated as mind flash, is a sudden insight or idea, often brilliant and unexpected. Consisting of the German words Geist (as in Zeitgeist) and Blitz (as in Blitzen, that lightning-fast reindeer of Santa Claus), it is probably best translated into English as brain wave or flash of genius.

Once signed in, all entries to the Geistesblitz app are instantly updated within the users’ default mindmap. As with all MindMeister maps, these ideas, reminders, thoughts can then be manipulated in a variety of ways. Connections can be made, links applied to ideas, and notes can even be added to your notes.

Perhaps you’ve struck upon an idea that’s taking on a life of its own with sub-categories and notes. Why not break it out into its own mind map? Within your online account, a simple right click presents you with the option to take this one point and create a new map from it.

In addition to upping your GTD score, having Geistesblitz at your side ensures that no idea should ever be scribbled down on a scrap piece of paper, and consequently lost, ever again.

Grab the new free Geistesblitz application from the iTunes store today! And remember, if you like Geistesblitz, why not consider having the full power of MindMeister on your iPhone at all times?