MeisterTip: Adding Tasks to Your Mind Maps

One of the primary benefits of using mind maps in collaborative mode is to, quite literally, have everyone on the same page. And while this is a great way to get projects moving, if no one is taking ownership of these items, the map serves only as a data collection point, not a plan of action. Assigning tasks is the perfect solution for making your mind map a road to project success.

MeisterTip: Adding Tasks to Your Mind Maps

To assign a task to a map collaborator, first select the topic that you’d like to turn into a task. Once selected, you may then assign a priority to this task. If you or your collaborators want to keep track of task completion, you can also select this option from the dropdown. Be sure to select a date from the calendar interface to indicate a deadline for the task.

Finally, in the ‘Assigned To’ field, you can start delegating who’s doing what. The names of your map collaborators will automatically be displayed in this list. Simply select a name to assign the task. If the person you want to assign the task to isn’t invited to the mind map, you can also enter their name manually.

Assigning tasks in MindMeister

Advanced Options

If you want to delve even further into assigning tasks, the ‘Advanced’ link just below the due date field is for you. In the Task Details dialog you can set start date, due date, and duration of a specific task. Naturally, Priority, Completion, and Assigned To options can also be edited here.

Advanced task management options in MindMeister

In this dialog you’ll also be able to set email reminders for the task. If your global settings are set to receive task notification emails (recommended), but you want to customize when you’ll receive reminders, this is where you can change them. From the dropdown, you can select any number of days before the assigned due date, up to one week.

Email reminders in MindMeister

By adding tasks to your collaborative brainstorming sessions with MindMeister, you’ll be taking that brainstorm and making an active plan of action out of it; one that all parties involved can follow and know what their exact part of the project is.

If you need even more advanced task management capabilities, you can use MindMeister’s integration with MeisterTask. Take a look at the demo video below to see how MeisterTask turns your mind maps into agile project boards:

This article was last updated 14th March 2017.

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