Folders, Twitter, Tasks, and More!

Hello MindMeisters! You’ll remember that we recently introduced a new version and promised to roll out more features over the coming weeks? Well, the wait for our first installment is over. Since one of these features is something that you’ve all requested time and time again, let’s dig right in …

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Yes, it’s finally arrived! One of the most requested features here at MindMeister: Folders. You can now organize and categorize your mind maps without having to search for them one by one, or scroll through lengthy pages just to find the map you’re after. Creating a new folder can be done with the click of a button, and the sky’s the limit as to how many folders, subfolders, or sub-subfolders, etc. that you’d like to create. Keeping clients, projects, to-do’s, and archives separate and better organized just got a whole lot easier!

Task Filter

Building upon our robust task management system, we’ve now made it even easier to pinpoint upcoming action items. In the footer of the sidebar, you’ll now find a magnifier icon. Clicking on this icon opens a filtering system in the mind map footer. We’ve pre-populated the most popular Task Management icon searches, numbers, and completion dates, but you can also filter by Idea, User, and All. Applying this filter will instantly highlight your selected query, and gray out all other nodes/topics.

Extended “My Tasks” View

Another common request from MindMeister users, we’ve beefed up the “My Tasks” section found at the bottom of your maps list. As with our previous version of this feature, clicking on any task will take you directly to its location on the appropriate map. However, clicking on ‘Advanced’ mode will now “open up” this field providing a list of which tasks belong to which map, as well as making this feature larger and easier to view at a glance.

Twitter Tools

If you’re a MindMeister user, chances are you’re probably engaging the rest of the world (in one form or another) via Twitter. To this end, we’re proud to announce a set of tools that makes broadcasting your mind map to the world more more intuitive.

Our new batch of Twitter tools have three different usages:

  • Broadcast a tweet when you’ve published a mind map
  • Be notified via direct message whenever one of your maps in modified
  • Insert nodes to your mindmap via twitter direct messages

In order to use out Twitter tools, you’ll need to follow MindMeister (this enables Direct Messages to be sent and received). If you’ve ReTweeted an article, or logged in anywhere using your Twitter credentials, you’re already familiar with the process.

To turn the MindMeister Twitter Tools on go to: My Account -> Twitter Tools -> On. Once activated, you can then select which options you’d like to use.