MindMeister for Google Wave

Please note: Google Wave has now been discontinued. For the latest information on MindMeister’s integrations, please visit mindmeister.com/integrations

MindMeister for Google Wave

Announced at this year’s Google I/O conference in San Francisco, Google has officially taken Wave out of beta, and made it available to all – no invites needed! To help celebrate this “Grand Opening”, we’re very happy to present: MindMeister is now available as a Google Wave gadget.

Part document, part conversation, since it’s beta launch in October of 2009, Google Wave has been facilitating communication and collaboration between millions of users around the globe. Wave is a powerful tool that allows all parties involved the power to share links, text, images, videos, and now MindMeister mind maps, all within an easy to follow timeline.

To get started with MindMeister in Google Wave

1. Install the MindMeister Google Wave gadget (if you’re not logged in, you will be prompted to do so).

2. Google will ask you to confirm this installation, noting that it will add the MindMeister button to your toolbar. Click Confirm.

3. Open a new Wave

4. Enter any text that you’d like to precede your mind map with. We recommend doing this, as it will make it easier to remember which Waves contain which mind maps

5. Click on the MindMeister icon in your task bar to insert a new mind map

6. Work with your mind map just as you would at mindmeister.com

Please note: our Google Wave gadget is in beta phase, and does not contain all of the features available directly on our platform. We’re planning to release more and more features over the coming months, incorporating not only our own features, but responding to user requests as well.

In order to avoid possible overwrites/data corruption from outside parties (if the Wave in question is a public Wave), users must click on the “Edit” tab, just below the time/date of the Wave entry. Once in editing mode, all Wave participants may then edit the mind map.

Once you’ve installed MindMeister for Google Wave and used it a bit, head on back and let us know what you think! Happy Mind Waving!