MindMeister 3.7.1 for iPhone: Now Free!

Please note: This article was last updated in 2010 so some of its content might be outdated. For the latest information on MindMeister for iPhone, please visit mindmeister.com/apps

MindMeister 3.7.1 for iPhone: Now Free!

Happy Holidays MindMeisters! After kicking around a few holiday gift ideas for customers, we soon realized that not everyone would appreciate a red and
green themed MindMeister, nor could we send each and every one of you a holiday card. So what else? Well … how about a free MindMeister for iPhone app? Sounds good to us!

For a limited time only, the MindMeister for iPhone app is now free via the App Store.

Get MindMeister for iPhone for free!

As a special stocking stuffer, we’re tossing in an additional 2 free months of our Premium subscription plan to all those who’ve previously purchased the MindMeister for iPhone app. To redeem this special offer, please visit our iPhone stocking stuffer credit page from your iPhone.

From all of us here in Vienna and Munich, we wish you the very happiest of holidays!

MindMeister for iPhone 3.7.1

iphone4Many of the new features of the iPad app have also been introduced into MindMeister for iPhone. Since the two apps now share a common code base, it’s much easier for us to make features available simultaneously in both apps.

Here’s a roundup of what’s new in MindMeister for iPhone 3.7.1:

  • iOS 4.2 Support
  • Retina display support
  • View notes and links
  • Cut / Copy / Paste
  • Background synchronization
  • Performance and stability enhancements

MindMeister for iPad 3.7

Since launching our MindMeister for iPad app in late July of this year, we’ve been moving at breakneck speed to bring you as many of our web-based features in a mobile package as possible.

While the initial release contained a number of familiar features, version 3.5 saw a massive delivery of new functions including export features, notes, links, themes and icon groups, as well as external monitor and keyboard support.

Version 3.6 saw the introduction of our popular Task Management System, bringing the MindMeister for iPad app one step closer to the online version.

Version 3.7 of MindMeister for iPad continues this tradition and now adds connections to your mobile mind mapping, thus allowing you even greater flexibility in demonstrating your point, highlighting key nodes, etc..

Likewise, we’ve added a highly requested feature: Cut/Copy/Paste. Simple enough in concept, but we guarantee these two features to dramatically improve your mind mapping productivity.

The sync

One of the key features of the MindMeister for iPad app is the ability to seamlessly sync your mobile created documents with your online, browser based MindMeister account. There have been a number of you that have provided invaluable feedback and sent us your app reports concerning this feature. We’re very happy to announce that we’ve completely reworked the synchronization mechanism. An additional benefit of the process has resulted in a slimmed down and further optimized version of the app.

Through this optimization, we’ve reduced the number of sync calls by a factor of 10, and the process now happens in the background. What this means is; gone are the days of the “Syncing” overlays, allowing you to carry on working without a hitch.

In addition to the new connections, cut/copy/paste, and improved sync mechanism, we’ve also shored up a few memory leaks and bugs, ultimately resulting in the most stable version of MindMeister for iPad yet.

MindMeister for iPad 3.7 is now available to iPad users everywhere for $7.99 directly from the Apple App Store.