MindMeister now available to SAP StreamWork users

SAP’s StreamWork solution is an enterprise-class suite of collaboration tools incorporating various methods and practices to facilitate corporate decision making. The goal of the platform is, “[to] bring together the people, information, and proven business approaches to drive fast, meaningful results.”

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As StreamWork continues to grow, SAP is paying close attention to what users are interested in seeing in their collaboration and decision-making toolkit. Leveraging the power of user voice, SAP invites participants to suggest, vote on, and rank these requested tools. Just after the Google Docs integration, SAP StreamWork users unanimously voted that a mind mapping solution is a “must have,” with many of them recommending MindMeister.

MindMeister on SAP StreamWork
We’re pleased to announce that SAP and MindMeister have answered this call, as MindMeister is now available to StreamWork users worldwide as a fully integrated gadget via the newly launched OpenSocial API.

MindMeister and SAP Streamwork from MindMeister on Vimeo.

Once users have added MindMeister to their SAP StreamWork accounts, the MindMeister service is then available under:

  • Tools Catalogue
  • Gadgets
  • MindMeister

As with any MindMeister service, SAP StreamWork users’ mind mapping data is securely based in the cloud, thus allowing them to access up-to-the-minute data and changes, no matter where they are. Likewise, our convenient iPhone and iPad apps can keep the collaboration going, even if StreamWork users are away from their main workplace.

SAP StreamWork and MindMeister

The MindMeister for SAP StreamWorks does not currently contain all of MindMeister’s features, but rather, offers users a quick, easy-to-get-started, version. Rest assured, all of our core functionality is present, but we’ve stripped down a few of the “extras” in favor of ease of use, stability, and speed.

“With MindMeister now available within SAP StreamWork, our users now have a powerful, free-thinking, concept-exploring and open-collaboration option available for use at the ready,” said Holly Simmons, senior director, OnDemand Marketing, SAP.

Update 22 March 2017: Please note that StreamWork was unfortunately sunset in December 2015.