MindMeister for Android Beta

Please note: This article was last updated in 2007 so some content will likely be outdated. For the latest updates on MindMeister for Android, please visit mindmeister.com/apps

MindMeister for Android Beta

Ladies and Gentlemen, you’ve been waiting for it for quite some time, and we’re very pleased to present: The MindMeister for Android beta.

Our Android app has been written to support 2.x versions of Android, with 3.x (tablet) support to follow at a later date. As with our iPhone app, the MindMeister for Android app will be free.

Features include:

  • Offline mode with full sync
  • Support for folders (fully synced, add/edit/delete also on device)
  • Unified map list (no offline/online division)
  • Pinch and Zoom support
  • View notes and links
  • Cut /Copy/Paste

As this is a beta test, please be forewarned – the application is not 100% perfect (hence the beta), and we’re looking to you to help us find and report any errors you may experience. If/when you spot a flaw in the application, please report the following to our support team:

  • What were you doing when the crash occurred?
  • Which feature sets were you accessing (icons, notes, etc.)?
  • Can you replicate the error by repeating the process?

As with our MindMeister for iOS apps, Android users are free to work on various maps directly on the device, regardless of connectivity. Once a stable internet connection is acquired, the MindMeister for Android app will automatically sync changes made on the device with a users’ browser based account.

Thanks to all interested beta testers in advance, and we’re eagerly awaiting your feedback!