MindMeister for Android

Please note: This article was last updated in 2011. For up-to-date information on MindMeister’s mobile apps, please visit mindmeister.com/apps!

MindMeister for Android

Ladies and Gentlemen; we know you’ve been waiting quite a while for it, and we’re very pleased to announce the official launch of the free MindMeister for Android app!

As a reminder, MindMeister for Android has been specifically written for mobile devices supporting Android 2.x, and we plan on adding tablet (3.x) support in the future.

Get MindMeister for Android Today!

A quick rundown of the MindMeister for Android feature set:

  • Create and edit unlimited mind maps and folders
  • Seamlessly sync maps and folders with your free online account
  • Share maps directly from the device
  • Multi-touch support for drag & drop, zoom, pan
  • Add icons, colors, styles and map themes
  • Edit and view notes, links and tasks on ideas
  • Draw connections between nodes
  • Manage Favorite maps
  • Quickly insert ideas (Geistesblitz)

As with our iPhone and iPad apps, your MindMeister data will be automatically backed up with your online account, ensuring that you’ll never lose a thought. From our award winning web interface you’ll also be able to take full advantage of:

  • Unlimited undo / redo
  • Import from MindManager, Freemind and text files
  • Export as RTF, PDF and image
  • Export as MindManager, Freemind, MS Word and MS PowerPoint (requires paid MindMeister account)

A hearty thanks go out to all that participated in our beta tests – without you none of this would have been possible.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your free MindMeister for Android app, and get mobile mind mapping today!