Introducing: MindMeister Presentation Mode

Mind maps are a great format to present information to others because they display hierarchies and connections and let you see the “bigger picture”. But sometimes, a mind map becomes too big and too complex to effectively use it as a presentation tool. That’s why we’ve added an amazing new feature to MindMeister that lets you turn your mind maps into slideshows, with each slide focusing on only a few individual topics at a time.

MindMeister's presentation mode

Here’s How it Works:

Open the mind map editor and create your mind map. Adding colors, icons, images and videos to your topics is a great way to make the presentation more engaging.

Click on the presentation button in the left corner of the map footer to start presentation mode.

Click on the + icon to create your first slide and automatically select the root topic


Hold CMD / CRTL while click & dragging on the canvas of your map to create a slide.

You can easily reposition and resize the slide to cover one or multiple topics.

MindMeister's presentation mode

You can choose from a number of transitions. Simply select a slide and open the transitions menu in the right-hand corner of the presentation footer.

MindMeister's presentation mode lets you set different transitions for your slides

When you’re finished creating slides, click on the Start Slideshow button to view your presentation. If your mind map is shared, you can live broadcast your presentation to your collaborators right inside MindMeister.

Take a look at this video tutorial for a short step-by-step guide, or check out our help article for some more information.

By the way, you can also play your presentations on your iPhone, iPad or your Android device, using one of our native mobile apps.

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