MindMeister vs Mindjet: Product Comparison

Please note: this article was last updated in 2012 and MindMeister has developed quite a bit since then. To view an up-to-date list of all MindMeister Pro features, please visit our MindMeister Comparison Page.

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Probably known to most of our readers, MindjetTM is a provider of mind mapping desktop applications that has been around for many years and specializes in client software.

Recently the company has been moving into the online mapping space as well, and with this has switched its former pricing model to a new subscription-based model, a move which has prompted many agitated responses.

Since the introduction of the new pricing model, we’ve been receiving an exceptional amount of inquiries from MindJetTM‘s users looking for an alternative tool. Besides asking for pricing information, the users were interested in a functional comparison of the two products. We’ve therefore created the following feature comparison table of the two most similar services, MindMeister Pro and MindJetTM Web.

MindJetTM Web MindMeister Pro
Cost / Year / Month $180 / $16.50 $99 / $9.99
Real-time Collaboration
Drag and drop (images, links and documents)
Single Sign-on
Track Changes
(Flash plug-in required)
Prioritize tasks and schedules
Node Boundaries
Task Notification
Calendar Integration (iCal, Google, Apple Mail)
Presentation Mode
Online Access (sharing, global access, etc.)
Ribbon UI
Mobile Apps
Built-in Templates
Create mind maps directly in Google Drive
Connectivity / APIs
Import Multiple File Types Word MindJetTM, FreeMindTM, xMind, Text files
Export Multiple File Types Word MindJetTM, FreeMindTM, xMind, JPG, PNG, Word, Powerpoint, PDF

: All information in this comparison table is accurate to the best of our knowledge and as of 4th October 2012. The features compared in this table have been taken from the advertised features of MindJetTM Web package on the MindJetTM website.

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