Quick Tip: Link and Organize Your Mind Maps

Sometimes mind maps can grow quite fast and get a bit complex. In MindMeister you can quickly turn a large subtopic, with lots of ideas, into its own mind map. You can automatically generate a link to the new map and a back-link to the original. The original map is then used as an overview of topics. We call this an ‘index map’.

MeisterTip: Create as map

One of the biggest benefits of the mind map format is the great overview it provides of a topic. So, creating an index map with multiple related sub maps is a simple way to keep things organized and ensure that maps don’t get too cluttered or too complex.

Linking your mind maps this way will enable you to quickly jump back and forth between maps without having to search for them in the dashboard.

A system of connected maps is ideal for creating business plans, where each branch in the index map represents a department of the company. Each sub map can in turn hold any number of links to sub maps of its own. There is no limit to the number of maps you can connect.

Marketing Strategy Mind Map

More examples

  • Lecture course
  • Class planning
  • Advertising plan
  • Company structure by department
  • Organizing study notes by course
  • and more!