Introducing MindMeister 5.2 for iPhone and iPad

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In the latest update to our iOS apps we’ve included more options for exporting your mind maps to your favorite installed apps, added support for displaying boundaries, updated and refreshed the UI, and fixed a few elusive bugs on the way.

You can download the app today from the Apple Store, or if you already have it installed, it will of course automatically update.

What’s New?

1. New Export Options

Previously, when exporting mind maps, you could only send them via email as attachments. We’ve now implemented the new(-ish) iOS share popover, enabling you to choose from a number of options to share your exported mind map. Open in any supporting app, upload to Dropbox or Google Drive, or print the map right from your device – all at the tap of a button.

2. Boundary Support

On the web version of MindMeister you’ve been able to adorn your mind maps with stylish topic boundaries for a while. Now we’ve brought support for displaying boundaries also to the iOS apps. All boundary types – even custom styles – created on the web version will display also on your mobile app, true to the original. Boundaries enable you to visually attract viewer attention to specific sections of a mind map.

3. UI Refresh

Last but not least, we’ve given the user interface of the iPhone and iPad app a refresh. In line with current design thinking we’ve trimmed some of the fat, given the dialogs and popovers a more consistent look and refreshed some colors and icons. Hope you like it!

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