Free Mind Map Templates to Manage Your Life

With mind maps you can organize basically every part of your life, from planning a party to collaborating with colleagues on a business project. To provide you with ideas for even more applications and to help you save a little time, we’ve created a number of new mind map templates, which you can clone directly to your MindMeister account!

New mind map templates

1. Plan Your Wedding with MindMeister

They say nothing is more stressful than planning a wedding – but with MindMeister as your wedding planner, this doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve prepared a mind map that will help you get ready for this important day in your life. Clone it to your account and keep track of all the errands, tasks and challenges that lie in front of you.

2. House Renovation Made Easy

Renovating an entire house can be a little overwhelming, especially when time and money are an issue. Getting all the right building permits, scheduling the various construction workers and keeping track of your expenses are only a few of the tasks that await you – and heaven forbid you forget to inform the neighbors in time! If you’re planning on renovating your home, clone our mind map template to your account and take on this big project with a smile.

3. So You Want to Be Your Own Boss

You’ve come up with the next big thing, and now you want to take that big step and start your own company. Founding a startup is incredibly exciting, but especially during your first year it can also be difficult to keep track of all the additional duties you’re faced with as a new business owner. Use the template below to outline your roadmap and adapt it while you go along.

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