Introducing: MindMeister Groups

This article was updated on October 8, 2021.

Introducing Groups for MindMeister

We’re delighted to be announcing the release of a new feature in MindMeister today: MindMeister Groups. This feature has been specially requested by our users who are working in organizations, particularly teachers and project managers.


Teachers using MindMeister have been looking for a simple way to share mind maps with their different classes and age groups e.g. 7th-grade English class or 9th-grade Biology class.

In addition to this, a number of project managers and department leaders, using MindMeister in their companies, have been talking for some time about the need to quickly manage access to multiple mind maps for different teams and projects.

Invite team members

Multiple groups can be created for every need, e.g. the marketing department, the 5th-grade class etc. Simply drag and drop users from your contact list into your member’s area. Once the groups have been formed it’s really easy to select which maps will be shared with that group.

Accessing selected mind maps is also extremely simple. Instead of having to add people to each individual map, the group owner can just add or remove people from the group. This speeds up the entire process significantly.

This feature is available to all subscribers of our Business edition.