The New Google Apps Marketplace Experience

We’re very excited to finally share the news about a project our developers have been working on for the past few weeks: MindMeister is one of a few apps to be part of the launch of the new Google Apps Marketplace experience, which Google announced yesterday. The MindMeister team worked closely with the Google team to make the necessary adaptions to be part of this future-oriented app marketplace transition from the very start.

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What is the new Google Apps Marketplace experience?

Google is now enabling Google Apps Admins to discover applications directly from the Admin console.

Better security

Until now, the Google Apps Marketplace used OpenID login paired with OAuth 1.0 technology for authentication and authorization. Now, third-parties will use the new and improved OAuth 2.0 standard, which will increase security and convenience, allowing Admins to deploy applications to specific groups within their domain.

What’s going to change?

Ever since its launch in 2010, the Google Apps Marketplace offered MindMeister to its Google Apps users, enabling thousands of businesses and organizations to employ MindMeister as part of their online workflow. Similarly, MindMeister has been part of the Chrome Web Store since 2012, where over 200.000 users have installed it. Here’s an overview of what is going to change for users now that Google has merged the two stores:

For new users

  • All attempts to install MindMeister via the existing Marketplace website will automatically take users to the new OAuth 2.0 install flow.
  • Google Apps admins can now install MindMeister via the new Marketplace Apps console.

For existing users

  • Nothing will change for our existing users. Teams will automatically be migrated to the new marketplace and changed over to the new technology.

For all users

  • The integration with all Google services will be simplified, since everything will run via a single login mechanism.
  • For Google Apps users who have installed MindMeister, the tool will be available in the App Launcher in Google’s new navigation bar.