Meet the All-New MindMeister!

This post was updated on July 14, 2017.

We’re proud to announce the release of the new and greatly improved MindMeister 9, featuring a refreshed user interface and a number of awesome new features we think you will love. Take a look at the following overview of improvements or go straight to MindMeister to discover them yourself!

MindMeister 9 Mind Map Editor

The New (Inter)face of MindMeister

The first thing you’ll notice about MindMeister 9 is the complete overhaul of its UI. We gave a lot of thought to the new look of our tool and eventually settled for a flat design approach, not only because of its modern look, but because the flat design embodies what MindMeister has always been about: simplicity.

Here’s a short overview of what’s new in the various parts of the app:

Mind Map Editor

Based on feedback of our users we rethought the entire UI of the map editor, making frequently used functions that were previously hidden in submenus directly accessible in the main UI and enhancing the overall ease of use and consistency.

  • New “trim the fat” UI design and a matching new default theme

  • One-click access to colors, topic styles and boundaries via their own sidebar tabs.

  • The zoom panel is conveniently located in the upper left corner of your map editor, together with the new full-screen mode and other options

  • Increased the number of recently used icons from 3 to 15.

  • The theme switcher is now directly accessible in the footer.

  • Export, Print and Help buttons are now easily accessible from the main footer.

  • The sidebar can now be completely collapsed.

  • New export dialog with direct access to export formats in sections

  • New, simpler map properties and print dialogs

MindMeister 9 Mind Map Editor

MindMeister Dashboard

We also overhauled the entire dashboard, incorporating easier access to community features as well as a configurable side panel.

  • Streamlined, clean UI design

  • New navigation with easy access to your public map channel, alongside the public maps library and your own maps listing.

  • New multibar on the right side can be configured to show trending public maps or your personal tasks (more to come).

MindMeister 9 Dashboard

Of course, the rest of the MindMeister UI has also received a complete refresh, improving general consistency and usability and removing legacy content and code. We hope you enjoy the new MindMeister experience, and now on to some new functions!

New and Improved Features

WYSIWYG export: One of the most requested features, and definitely one of the highlights of MindMeister 9. We’ve completely rewritten the image and PDF export functions, adopting a WYSIWYG approach, and included various export options that enable you to easily modify the layout of your file. Exported maps now look exactly as they did in the browser, which means gorgeous.

Export & embed presentations: You can now easily export your presentations and store the individual slides as images on your device. Presentations can now also be embedded in blog posts and websites, enabling others to watch your prepared slideshows right inside your platform of choice. Both features are available for all our premium subscribers.

Community features: Instead of the old and somewhat impractical 5-star-rating, New Rating Systempublic maps will now be rated in a Like-system. We’re also working on a commenting / discussion feature that is to be launched soon.

Full screen mode: Direct access to your formatting, publishing and export options is great, but sometimes, all those buttons and widgets can get a little distracting. To make space for your focused brainstorming sessions, you can now either hide your sidebar functions, or take it even further and go straight into fullscreen mode, facilitating an unhindered flow of ideas.

High-resolution icons: All map graphics, but especially the icons, have been
completely redrawn and upgraded to a high 128×128 resolution, to ensure clear and crisp icons even when zoomed in, or in presentation mode.

High Resolution

Emoji icon library: We’ve added the popular Emoji icon library with more than 800 beautiful emojis split into groups. We’ve also added a few more often-requested original MindMeister icons for you to choose from.

Export maps as RDF: The file format RDF (Resource Description Framework) is a standard model for online data interchange that will make it easier for you to share your maps across different platforms.

Google Apps login over OAuth 2.0: Google Apps login migrated from OpenID to OAuth 2.0 and can now be installed from the Chrome Web Store.

Printing: Similarly to the improved image export, we’ve modified our Print function to ensure more predictable and better results. Pressing the Print button now generates a PNG file which can simply be opened and printed with your preferred image viewer. Additionally, you can choose to center your map as well as expand all nodes with only one click before printing.

Presentation mode: We’ve listened to your feedback and invested more time in presentation mode, improving usability and making sure that everything runs completely smoothly. Starting a slideshow also lets MindMeister go into fullscreen mode, eliminating every possible source of distraction for your viewers.

More small features

  • Team admins can now renew the “join team” link

  • Users of our Business plans now have the ability to choose their default theme for new maps

We very much hope that you will love the all-new MindMeister as much as we do. If you have any questions, suggestions or other feedback, let us know in the comments!