The New MindMeister Add-on for Google Docs

Following the long and successful partnership between Google and MindMeister, which produced integrations in Google Hangouts and Google Drive, among others, MindMeister was invited to create an add-on for Google Docs, Google’s web-based office suite within Google Drive. The add-on is part of Google’s just released add-on store available for Google Docs and Google Sheets, which allows users to install and manage third-party apps and thus add new features to Google’s free web apps.

MindMeister Add-on for Google Docs

What Does It Do?

The MindMeister add-on is a neat little app that turns any bullet point list created in the Google document into a MindMeister mind map.

All you have to do is select the list and choose the command Add-ons > MindMeisterInsert as Mind Map from the menu. The map that is generated adopts the exact hierarchical structure used in the bullet-point list. It appears in the document within a few seconds, after which you can modify its size, position and other features.

How to Get It

You can browse through add-ons for Docs and Sheets by selecting Get add-ons in the Add-ons menu of any open document or spreadsheet. This will open the add-on store, where you will find the free MindMeister add-on. Or simply click here to go straight to the store!

Why You’ll Love It

If you’re a Google Docs user, we think you will love this add-on for a number of reasons:

  • It saves time: If you wanted to a list from your Google document into a mind map before, you had to import your list as a plain text file (.txt) into MindMeister – using tabs or spaces to indent lines – then take a screenshot of the map and insert it manually into the document. Now you can do all this with just a few clicks!
  • It’s free and simple: no sign-up, no fees, easy updating
  • It enriches your documents with only a few clicks: Whether you’re writing a report, a paper, a how-to or an entire textbook, mind maps are a great way to visualize information, provide a quick overview of a topic, illustrate a concept and display connections and hierarchies.

This short tutorial video shows the add-on in action. Take a look!

Want to find out more about Google’s new add-on store? Read the full article on the Google blog!