Become a Better Mapper With Our New MindMeister Academy!

Please note: This article was last updated in 2014. The MindMeister Academy has since been improved greatly, with a better structure and lots of great, hands-on mind map use cases. Check it out now!

Become a Better Mapper With Our New MindMeister Academy!

Today we’re proud to introduce our brand new MindMeister Academy to you. The Academy is a place were both online and paper mappers, newbies and old hands, MindMeister users and nonusers can train to become better mind mappers. The Academy will teach you how to create, read and effectively work with mind maps; you will hear about the many uses of mind mapping and you will find out how to use MindMeister like a real pro!

Content Overview

The MindMeister Academy offers four courses, each featuring detailed explanations and how-tos as well as many illustrating images, tutorial videos and sample mind maps.

  • FUNDAMENTALS covers the mind mapping basics that will enable you to develop a mapping system that works for you and fits all your needs. This course will benefit you no matter if you’re a MindMeister user or not.

  • FEATURES focuses on MindMeister and uses mostly tutorial videos to show you how to make the most of our tool and its many features.

  • USE CASES provides you with detailed guides about how to utilize mind maps in different areas and situations. This course is great for online and paper mappers alike!

  • In BEST PRACTICES we’ve collected a number of extremely useful procedures and features that will make your MindMeister workflow more efficient.


Most of the courses’ chapters feature quiz questions and/or exercises to help you practice what you’ve learned. Please note that you have to be signed into your account to unlock these activities and save your progress.

Follow up in the Forum

If you have any follow up questions after completing the Academy you can visit our community forum to discuss them with other mind mappers. Some of our new MindMeister Ambassadors are also keeping an eye on the forum so there’s a good chance you will find help right away!

Get Started with the MindMeister Academy!