New Android Update Out Now!

This post was updated on July 14, 2017.

Great news for our Android users: The newest version of our mobile app is now available and ready to be downloaded from the Google Play store! Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

New Android Update Out Now!

New user interface

The entire UI has been overhauled in the fresh “flat” look of the MindMeister website and functions have been reordered, new dialogs and popovers added and streamlined. Also, the UI between tablets and mobile phones is now consistent.

PIN code lock

Android users who are looking to protect their valuable ideas have the ability to lock the app with a 4-digit PIN code, ensuring that their private mind maps really stay private, even if their phone is lost or stolen.


Pin code lock for Android app

Access to public mind maps

Almost 200.000 mind maps have already been published and our library is growing steadily. Now Android users can finally browse all public mind maps directly from the app.

Support for all clipboard actions

With the newest version you can easily copy, cut and paste your ideas for an even more efficient mind mapping experience!


Support of all clipboard actions

Enhanced Presentation mode

In presentation mode you can now view notes, links, tasks and even files – a great way to present project plans, product ideas and all sorts of other information on the go.

Updated Geistesblitz feature

For those of you who don’t know, Geistesblitz is a tool that lets you send any sudden ideas you might have to MindMeister and insert them into a mind map. With this new update Android users have the ability to select a destination map for their individual ideas instead of collecting everything in a default map.

Emoji icons

MindMeister’s Android app now supports 800+ emojis as well as the Silk icon library you already know from our web solution.


Emoji library with over 800 icons

New export option

Just like in the web app, MindMeister for Android lets you export your mind map presentations as individual image slides in PNG format.

New demo mode

This is a highlight for all those that want to test drive our mobile app without having to sign up or login first: The new demo mode lets you see what you’ll get without making any commitments.

There’s more!

Additional enhancements include an overall improved performance, high resolution icons, a 50% reduced app size as well as a bunch of bugfixes. The app also offers full support for Android 4.4 and Android L.
We hope you’ll enjoy the new MindMeister experience on Android. Let us know what you think in the comments below!